15 Reasons Why Staying Poor Is A Choice

12 November 2020

People Aren’t Chosen to Be Rich or Poor, They Themselves Choose. Here Are 15 Such Independent Choices We Make.

Bill Gates has been famously quoted as saying, “If you are born poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor it’s your mistake.” Now, whether he genuinely said that is another story, but we’re going to use this quote misquote in our article today and break it down into 15 cases where it rings true.

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Being rich or poor aside, the choice you have in this moment is to either read a long and boring article or watch a fun video covering the same topic:

With those two pills offered, let’s get right into the article.


When Poor, You Choose a Little Money Right Away Rather Than a Lot of Money Later

In our video, 15 Reasons Why Being Poor Is Expensive, we mentioned Donald Glover’s Atlanta and Why the Poor Stay Poor. There we said, a guy needs quick money, and wants to trade in his phone. A friend suggests trading up until he gets a far greater return. Problem is, he needs money right now.

The friend is trying to help by showing how with time, he could make 6k by trading up his phone. However, the poor guy says, “I’m poor, and poor people don’t have time for investments, because poor people are too busy trying not to be poor.”

Aluxers – it’s not a choice with many options – but it’s a choice none the less.


When Poor, You Take on a 2nd Job to Cover the Bills

The late Willem de Kooning, sums this up perfectly, “The trouble with being poor, is that it takes up all your time.”

And that’s the reality for poor people.

Poor people often work two or three different jobs to try and cover the bills, and yet, the thought of getting a better paid job doesn’t crop up. Why? Because often, poor people truly believe they don’t deserve the better paying job, or are stuck in the poor mentality cycle, that they are unable to be anything but poor.

And if the rhetoric of the “the poor always stays poor” continues, it discourages people from trying. Why should they even bother? They’re going to stay poor anyway.


Poor People Don’t Understand the Value of Time and Opportunity Cost

Here’s the scenario:

A poor person gets the option to work a 10-hour shift for $100 or a 5-hour shift for $75.

The poor person will automatically choose the 10-hour shift because earning $100 is $25 higher than $75. However, the rate per hour drops dramatically when you work out the hourly rate of both shifts.

The value of time doesn’t come into the equation. So, instead of only working 5-hours and being able to invest the additional 5-hours elsewhere, a poor person is trapped in the shift for 10-hours, then too exhausted to work on anything more profitable when the shift is over.

This causes the cycle to repeat and enables a poor person to remain poor.

Choosing the 5-hour shift would enable the person to be more rested, be available for new opportunities or have more time available to pursue different ways of earning an income.


Poor People Work Themselves to Death

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. If hard work equaled success, then miners, cleaners, and factory workers would all be mega-wealthy. But it doesn’t work that way. Like we said in our video, 15 Reasons Why Working Hard Is Dumb, Working hard isn’t unique – everyone can work hard.

And poor people often choose to work hard because it’s their only offering. Now, if we take our previous point into consideration here, if the poor person had chosen to work the fewer hours, then they would have been left with more time to work on a skill that nobody else could offer.

Take heed of what we said in that video, “Hard work is replaceable. Innovative or creative ideas, or a unique skill are not as easily replaced. Don’t be one of a million hard workers, be one in a million with your experience and skills.”



Poor People Choose the Allure of Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

We’ve been inundated with messages about Get Rich Now, Ask Me How messages and Be Your Own Boss, or You Can’t Afford to miss this once in a lifetime offer! Aluxers, you can afford to miss that once in a lifetime, click here now to get your free gift, kind of wealth schemes.

In fact, you should just act like the Excuse me Sir, are you lost meme girl – and let them be on their way!

But when faced with the option of potentially earning a quick buck, it’s not easy for poor people to look the other way. And it’s also not always an option to slowly build wealth, because the money is needed asap!


Poor People Look for a Way Out, Rather Than a Way In

Let’s look at a scenario. A poor person is hustling hard to make ends meet. They’re working those 12-hour shifts and then doing it again and they’re like a hamster on the wheel, going round and round and getting nowhere.

They are desperate for a way out, which is why these “get-rich-quick” scams are so lucrative. So, the mindset is “how can I get out of this,” instead of, “What can I do to get into XYZ?”

Choosing to change the narrative is a big step in finding a way to a better situation. It doesn’t come naturally, but like anything, practise makes perfect. Aluxers, let’s find out how this narrative is a choice, and how it inhibits poor people.


Poor People Choose Their Rhetoric

Shark Tank’s Daymond John once said, “Being broke is temporary but poverty of mind is permanent. You have to avoid poverty of mind.”

It’s no secret Aluxers, you choose your own thoughts. And we don’t always choose the good ones, do we?

So, if you’re going around all day stuck with the rhetoric of, “I’ll never be rich,” “I will be poor forever,” or “I don’t have enough time, money or freedom,” you’ll manifest those thoughts.

This scarcity mentality clouds your judgement. It makes you lose focus of what you do have and how you can use it to your advantage. The scarcity mentality is all in your head, and only you can make the decision to change your way of thinking. It becomes problematic, because it influences your every decision based on the false nothing that there will never be more or that you can’t make more money.

Remember what we said in our video, 10 Ways to make money work for you, that money is a renewable source. There is always more!


Poor People Choose the Company They’re In

Author, Kenneth G. Ortiz aptly put it, “Be wary of the company you keep for they are a reflection of who you are or who you want to be.”

Rich people are very choosy as to whom they spend time with. They’re not going to waste their precious time with people who are complaining, have no drive, are not innovative or just generally bad energy.

They’re spending their time with creative people, people brimming with ideas, life and passion. The people that discuss success and opportunity as one would chat about an exciting holiday or trip they took.

By choosing to hang out with deadbeats, simple outlooks on life, where the negative is focused on – you, poor Aluxer, will become that negative person, or even if you’re not – other’s will perceive you as being like that.

So, choose wisely when you’re spending time with people, because you are a reflection of that company.


Choices Are Made in Context

Aluxers, every person’s situation is different and often a poor person has very few choices available to them.

We are quick to judge and shame. For example, we see a guy begging on the side of the road and we think, “why can’t he just go and pack bags in a grocery store, or why doesn’t he offer to wash cars to make money?”

But at that stage, the man begging has nothing left – he has no drive, energy, ambition or self-respect, begging is all that he has left to merely survive. He chooses to beg, because the only other option is starving to death.

In fact these “choices” are often not even “choices,” but the only option left.


Poor People Choose to See Obstacles Instead of Opportunity

We see this all the time Aluxers. You approach someone with a great idea and before they’ve even stewed on it, they’ve already come back with a list of reasons why it wouldn’t work. And we’re all for hearing the pros and cons of any new idea, but to constantly put up a wall of “it won’t work,” … well, then it won’t work.

Choosing to see opportunity will turn this daunting idea into a money-making machine. And as the famous saying goes, “amazing things stand on the other side of fear.”

And Aluxers, this obstacle vs opportunity mindset filters down into every part of life. To start turning no’s into yes’s, be sure to listen to “The Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes on audible.com. Use our code alux.com/freebook.

There are two players we can learn the most from. The winner of a game and the loser. Check out 15 Things Poor People Don’t Know About Making Money.


If Being Poor Was Not a Choice, You Would Have Zero Control Over Your Entire Life

Let’s paint a picture here.

You make a terrible decision and it’s been a game changer in your life. But do you choose to let it ruin your entire life? We bloody well hope not.

Same applies for staying poor. You might have grown up poor, but are you going to let that ruin your entire life? Well, we bloody well hope not!

If you believe that you have no choice but to be poor, then that implies that you have no control over other areas of your life, and that Aluxers, is just not true, is it?


Poor People Play the Blame Game

What do mean by this?

Right, so ask a poor person why they’re still poor and see the feedback:

It’s the governments fault.

Computers are taking over their jobs.

Their boss is an idiot.

Their colleagues are trying to get them fired.

There is always an excuse to why they haven’t gotten further than they have. Everyone else is to blame, except themselves.


Poor People Choose to Believe They Know Everything

American businessman and author, Robert Kiyosaki once said, “Successful people ask questions, they seek new teachers, they’re always learning.”

That’s the stark difference between rich and poor people. Poor people choose to believe they are the expert in their field because, A: They’ve been doing it this way for 20-years,” B: It’s their way or the highway, or C: Nobody’s ever complained before with this method.”

Yep, enough to tear your hair out, isn’t it?

Next up, how a tit for tat attitude doesn’t help to build wealth for the poor.


Poor People Choose to Do Something Expecting Something in Return

On the way to building your own wealth, it’s not a case of you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. If you can offer a hand, a word of advice or encouragement, do it without expecting anything in return.

When things are done with the right attitude, the reward is 10-fold.

Poor people choose to do something and then expect something back. I did this for you, now I expect you to do this for me. That’s a crappy way of going into business, or life in general. It makes the other person feel like they “owe you” something, and you’ve got a hold over them.

Keep in mind what Confucius said, “Act with kindness but do not expect gratitude.”


Poor People Choose Jealousy Over Friends’ Successes

Aluxers, it can be hard when you see your friend’s being successful and you’re trailing far behind, we understand. But if you can’t celebrate the victories of your friends, and choose to be resentful and bitter, then you’re not doing yourself any favors.

A rich mindset is happy for the success of others and understands that there is enough of the pie to go around.

Celebrating others success is not only healthier, but you benefit from the joy and happiness that it brings your friends. Plus, you don’t know what doors could open for you, if you just remain open to the opportunities and not worry about the obstacles.


Aluxers, do you believe that staying poor is a choice? Tell us why you believe what you do?