5 Steps To Start A Good Day | Fine Living

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5 Steps To Start A Good Day | Fine Living

Have you ever thought what are the 5 steps to start a good day? No, we are not going to tell you to smile at strangers on the street or to do good deeds because karma will bring it back to you, because we all know that does not work.

Still, “you are in charge of your happiness”, or so they say, and there are some practical easy steps that everybody can easily take in order to have a good day.

So forget about waking up feeling stressed and rushing to work without even opening your eyes properly, because we will make your day better!

Wake up early

5 Steps To Start A Good Day | Fine Living

Don’t be afraid! We know waking up sooner than 3 snooze buttons is scary, but believe us, is better to have an early start than a slow one! Just set your alarm earlier (we are not going to tell how early though) so you will have time for all the 4 steps left below!


5 Steps To Start A Good Day | Fine Living

No, you do not have to go to the gym and have a deadly training, but take at least 10 minutes and allow yourself to do some stretching, or why not, even a couple of easy exercises that will kick off your day. Take a quick shower afterwards and you’re good to go for the next steps to start a good day!


5 Steps To Start A Good Day | Fine Living
Have breakfast! We know you have heard this thousands of times, so why don’t you apply it? Breakfast not only gives you energy for the rest of the day, but it also allows you to enjoy some extra time with family before going off to work or school.


5 Steps To Start A Good Day | Fine Living

Just relax and enjoy a hot coffee. You know you love it, but doesn’t it taste 10 times better at home while reading the news or just chatting with the loved ones, instead of rushing with a to-go coffee in the tube or walking on the way to work?

Orange Juice

5 Steps To Start A Good Day | Fine Living

Along with coffee (or not) a fresh orange juice is always welcomed. It not only tastes amazing, but it has been proven that a fresh squeezed orange juice will give us the energy boost we all need in the morning.

So do not wait any more and apply these easy steps to start a good day, we assure you they work!

What are your morning steps to start a good day?

Let us know in the comments below what is your morning routine and share these tricks with your friends so they can enjoy a good morning as well!


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