5 Excellent Ways You Can Turn an Abandoned Shopping Cart into a Sale

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Around $18 billion is lost by companies each and every year because of consumers abandoning online shopping carts. During the weekend of Black Friday alone, it’s thought that four in every five shopping carts are left without the purchase being made.


While bigger companies might be able to make the sale elsewhere, this is costing smaller companies a significant amount of money and, potentially, a livelihood. Today, we have some advice on how you can convert those abandoned carts into real sales!


Make the Checkout Process Easier – Unfortunately, a large percentage of abandoned shopping carts are actually because the checkout process is just too confusing. With these situations, the customer wants to make a purchase but you’re making the process too confusing or long-winded so the first tip is to simplify the whole system.


As well as using a clean interface, let them know how far into the process they are and how much they have left to do. Instead of asking them for everything including their pet’s name, start with basic details and you can find out more later.


Send a Reminder – With technology only pushing forwards, we can do things now we never thought possible before and this includes push notifications with apps. Sometimes, people forget they left items in an online basket or they sit on the edge thinking for a while. With a gentle reminder, you can push them towards hitting that ‘order’ button.


If you don’t have an app, you can still send an email if they were logged into their account at the time. Be careful with this though because you don’t want to pester them to the point of despising your brand.


Add Security – Sadly, 12 – 14 million Americans fall victim of identity theft every year so it’s no longer a laughing matter. With this in mind, consumers are wearier than ever before and research suggests nearly 18% of abandonments occurring due to fears for safety. By implementing a verification process and keeping all information encrypted, consumers will feel comfortable with your website and/or app.


Send a Special Offer – If you notice consumers are coming back two or three times only to leave without purchasing their basket, this is the perfect time to act through discounts.


In our experience, the most successful offers are free shipping and a free product; depending on the size of your products, the free gift can range from a pen to a tablet. Since we all love to get stuff for free, this might be the push they need to finally click the order button.


Of course, this will require a small hit on your side but it’s well worth the risk for numerous reasons. Firstly, you make the sale you otherwise wouldn’t have had. Even if you have to spend 0.5% or 1% of the selling price to make it happen, you’re still making a profit. Furthermore, if they’re impressed with the service, they’ll hopefully recommend you to friends and family (more sales you wouldn’t have had without a special offer).


Show Images of the Products – Finally, you’ll be surprised to hear how many people lose interest in their purchase on the final screens of the transaction. By having images of what they’re about to buy during the checkout process, they remember why they made the decision to purchase and you should see a decline in the amount of baskets being abandoned.


If you pay attention to these five simple tricks, you can convert abandoned shopping carts into sales and your business can grow this year!




Michell Morgan is currently working as a Content and Digital Marketer at Lilo UK. Lilo is a web development and online marketing company based in London, United Kingdom.


Michell is a passionate writer, with more than 7 years of experience in digital marketing. She writes articles on latest online marketing and e-commerce trends. She loves learning about the social media marketing trends and how to improve conversion rates on eCommerce websites.

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