6 Must-Follow Tips To Make Your Home A Luxury One

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What is better than a beautiful, decorative and a luxury home? No doubt, home design plays a major role, but the way you decorate it reflects your tastes and aesthetic sense. To get started, scroll through our 6 tips below for ways to make your home look luxurious.

1. Painting the Walls & Doing It Right

The first thing that you can do to take your home décor to the next level is by painting the walls right. A lot of people consider painting as a basic and simple task, but that’s not the case. A professional painting job can give your bedroom a bigger, dazzling and clearer look. If your room doesn’t have many lights, then you should choose lighter paint shades as it makes you feel bright. But, if you want a darker or a melodious place where you could relax, then you should select a warm color as it will give your room a darker shade. Personal preference also plays an important role in choice of color.

2. Focus on Bedroom’s Décor

Actually decorating is more than just applying fresh paint to the walls, ground and ceilings of a house. There may be a need to upholster some of the pieces of furniture, or possibly order a new sofa set made up of different fabric, then there may be a need to purchase new curtains or blinds. Even subtle changes, like adding a feature wall, or hanging wallpaper can make a huge difference to a room. Changing your carpet design, laying wood flooring or adding some new luxury pillows and duvets, all these things come under interior decoration and can have a huge umpact on the aesthetics and ambience of a room.

3. Adding a Floor Deck

Adding a floor deck to your home makes a lot of difference, not only to the appearance of your home and garden, but it can also add value. People love to spend time in such in-home, outside settings, having BBQs, enjoying family time or enjoying a glass of wine in the evenings.  You can decorate your deck with interesting themes, furniture or coloring.

4. Remodeling the Kitchen

A kitchen is a place that can be declared the heart of any home. There will often be some space that needs to be modified. Either you have a large kitchen or a small one. For small spaces it is imperative that good use is made of the space. Ample hidden storage and well designed pantry’s are important to avoid the space looking cluttered.

You may also look for spots that have the potential to be modified, non essential walls can be removed to extend the kitchen into a modern open plan space or kitchen diner. The possibilities often depend more on budget than creativity. Re-modelling of the kitchen will not only enhance its beauty, but this improvement can also have a huge impact on function-ability.

5. Decorate the Entrance

For a luxury display home, you may also change your entrance by minor modifications. Decorate it with welcoming warm lighting, a suitable sized chandelier or an arrangement of flowers can give a striking first impression.

6. Don’t Forget the Exterior of your House

Never forget the exterior of your house while planning renovations. If you aren’t particularly green fingered, a low maintenance garden is a great idea, unless you can hire a gardener to take care of the up keep. In that case, a private landscaped area with beautiful water fountain, or some new plants and flowers are great for kerb appeal and will have your neighbors green with envy!


There are many different ideas which could be implemented to enhance the overall look and feel of your property, Choose as per your preferences and budget allows. 

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