Evolution of Donor Wall Designs

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For those who are not familiar with donor wall designs, the following images will help illustrate not only what a donor wall is but also the designs of the donor wall itself.


Donor walls have helped institutions express their gratitude to their donors and help their efforts get recognized. Also for various donations, they have made, such walls aren’t just any ordinary walls but rather 3 dimensional, carved walls in unique patterns that stand the test of time and are gratefully designed as a gesture of thanks and unconditional support.

Donor walls have been designed by designers & artists on a non-profit basis, having years of expertise in fine arts, fashion, architectural & graphic design, 3-dimensional modeling, and manufacturing. The outcome of such hard work without profit has always been positive and has thus revolutionized the way of donor recognition. Non-Profit organizations have always had the chance to engage a group of artists with sincere motives of finding unique ways to help them thank their donors and thereby inspiring their donors for future donations. Furthermore, these unique designs have also expressed the legacy of those who have supported these institutions throughout the passage of time.

Donor wall designs are plans and techniques to help construct donor recognition plaques and memorials on walls of educational institutions, houses of religious worship, hospitals, not for profit facilities and places of public significance. To name a few: Schools, high schools, colleges, universities, churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, hospitals, parks, and dispensaries as well as other not for profit places. Past donor walls haven’t been pleasant as they were usually flat, with names and testimonials engraved in metal, stone, and marble. At times, such designs seemed thankless and were a frugal use of funds provided by a grateful alumnus of institutions and ‘well to do’ donors.

In the state of Minnesota, if you ever feel the need for construction of a donor wall then do not hesitate in consulting with www.visualcomm.com as they have more than 20 years of experience in creating unique donor wall designs for an array of deserving clientele.


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