How Hospital Wayfinding Apps are Improving Patient Experience?

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Wayfinding-What is it?

Wayfinding is neither technology related nor by nature, it is actually an approach to enhance human understanding and experience through a physical space; identifying where you are, where you want to be and how to get there. All these questions will be answered through your Wayfiding app.

These apps are particularly useful for finding complex buildings, urban living centers, college campuses, and hospitals.

How technology enhances Hospital Wayfinding?

Navigating the hallways and buildings of a complex hospital campus can add an extra layer of anxiety to an already stressful experience for patients, their families, and friends.
Now lets have a look at some of the ways in which hospital Wayfinding systems improves patent experience:

1.    Reducing waiting time for patients:
       • In case of delay in appointments, patients can have prior notifications.
       • In-time appointment information in case of traffic delays.
       • Room to room navigation for patients to ensure they are not lost.
2.    Improving staff efficiency:
Sometimes visiting hospitals especially with multiple procedures is a stressful situation. It becomes more difficult for them to navigate a hospital a facility. Guiding patients throughout the hospital will reduce disturbances in the workplace.
3.    Patient load management:

With the deployment of Wayfinding apps, hospital management can send on-time notification to patients offering a change in appointment place or time. Patients may feel much happier of not enduring such a painful waiting time.

Navigating complex hospital buildings can increase anxiety level of an already stressful patient, his family, or friends. That is why hospitals and healthcare professionals are increasingly towards adopting innovative technologies like “internet of things” to improve patient experience, operational efficiency, resource management.
With the help of these evidence-based designs, an in-time wayfinding system is becoming an integral part of healthcare facilities, not only for navigation purposes but also for improved visitor experience.

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