How to choose an Immigration law office in Canada

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An Immigration lawyer Toronto specializes in areas related to immigration law. This may include family-sponsored applications, temporary visas, political asylum, adoptions and cases of expulsion (deportation). Because we work with a buffet mode, we can offer personalized attention, an efficient service with regular updates of immigration regulations. We serve clients from all over the country and abroad. Immigration law can be difficult if you decide to manage on your own, so with the help of expert lawyers, it will be easier to find the solution to your problem.

 Canadian immigration legal services in the following areas:

•           Business Immigration

•           Temporary Residence

•           Permanent residence

•           Program for Babysitters

•           Citizenship

•           Inadmissibility

•           Immigration and Refuge

•           Federal Court

The first thing an Immigration lawyer should know is that the immigration process in Canada is quite long and stressful. Therefore, a lawyer who tells you that everything is very easy is not reliable. At the law office of Ronen Kurzfeld we give you the opportunity to speak with a lawyer and thus offer you in a professional manner our best option for your case. Our offices are at your disposal to answer all the questions you have about immigration.

Due to our location on the Toronto, we are familiar with the many facets of the city’s Foreigners Offices. With attorney Ronen Kurzfeld, we strive to keep up with the latest immigration news and updates, so we are qualified to help you with any kind of problem you may have with immigration. Our services range from helping you with legal residency and even counseling to becoming a full citizen of Canada. Also if you have questions or concerns about deportation, spousal visas or want to know more about the sponsorship of a family member, you can sit down with one of our expert attorneys and answer any questions you may have.


Ronen Kurzfeld is a law firm that is dedicated to helping you in every step of the immigration process and we are proud to know each of our clients by name. Once you know our offices and our expert immigration lawyers you will realize how easy your experience can be in any immigration process. Our mission is simple. We put our best efforts to provide the best possible legal service to all our clients. Our reputation has been built on the basis of the honesty with which we serve our customers. Do not try to unravel the complex immigration laws by your own means. Let us assist you in all your immigration matters. Our offices are at your disposal to answer all the questions you have about immigration. 

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