How To Structure Your Website Copy

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Today I had a new client come to me for help with her website copy.  She has a brand new business and wasn’t sure what to include on her website or what pages she needed.  She sought a professional copywriter to help her structure and write the content for her website and I was pleased she chose me.

Your website is your number one marketing tool in today’s technology-driven society. Without one, you risk losing potential customers simply because you don’t have the one thing they have come to expect from any business. If you do have a website but the copy is poorly written and disorganized, you increase the chances of them looking somewhere else. So make sure you have all the pages you need.  I’ve written hundreds of websites for a variety of businesses and there seems to be some consistent needs among them.  Here are a few standard pages for most websites.

Home Page. This should be a quick, snappy introduction to your company, service or product.  The personality and tone should be apparent immediately and the potential customer should know right away they’ve found what they were looking for.

About Us. Whether you are a large company, small business or independent contractor, this page should give the reader an idea of why your business/product/service exists and what your mission is.  It may also include a brief engaging history.

Services. Depending on your business, your services can be bullet pointed here or given additional pages for more in depth information.

Product Descriptions. If you have several products, list them on one page with just a few words to get the reader interested.  Then have the option to click to an order page for more information.

Contact Us. Simple contact information like address, phone number and email and the encouragement to call with questions.

Other pages might include online order forms, how we work and testimonials.

Regardless of what copy is appropriate for your website, what’s equally important is that it’s well written.  Be sure to hire a professional copywriter so you get clear, effective and engaging copy that will make your phone ring off the hook.

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