Massaging 101 – How To Give A Good Back Massage

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There are fewer things more pleasurable than having someone doing you a back massage after a long and stressful day at work. In fact, if the one doing it is your significant other, a simple back rubbing or a massage can easily turn into a very erotic form of expressing his or her feelings and can lead to a wild night ahead. Nevertheless, there are numerous techniques that need to be taken into consideration whenever you think of giving other a back massage. 

You may think there isn’t such a big deal and that everyone can do it. After all, you have seen your parents doing it and you have even been forced by your siblings to do it when growing up, under the false promise that once those five minutes were over, you will receive the same treatment. Or was it just me that I still have some two hours of back massage pending from by older brother? 

But, if you are still looking to find new ways to improve your back massaging techniques and want to truly compete with perfect back massagers that feel like heaven, here are some things you need to take into consideration. 

Working with the infrastructure

The first thing you need to do in order to perform better at your massaging skills is to find a hard surface. Avoid beds and comfortable sheets and mattresses because they will not help you in keeping the body straight and will not allow you to apply the perfect pressure. A hard and stiff mattress is preferable, but also a table. However, check the surface before with your partner and see if it is the right place to perform your massage. If none of this works, simply ask him or her to lie down on the floor. 

Use towels or blankets to raise some of the body parts to make the sitting more comfortable. Placing a towel under your partner’s neck will keep their head up and maintain a straight spine without interfering with the muscles and tissues around the neck. Remember that your partner’s comfort is of high importance whenever you are trying to apply a correct and useful back massage.

Use enhancers

The overall atmosphere is extremely important whenever doing a massage so try to keep things low-key and relaxing as possible. The surrounding atmosphere is extremely important to set the mood right and create a relaxing environment for your partner to de-tension and enjoy a calming experience. Settle the mood by lighting some scented candles or using diffuse, low-intensity light. Make sure there are no noises and the room is clear. Calming sounds like the ocean sounds are of great impact, as well as calming music. There are numerous mixes online offering the most calming and inspiring music on Youtube – Buddha Bar is a must if you didn’t already know that!

Another important aspect is to use the right tools – your fingers and some relaxing massage oils and essential oils. It doesn’t really matter what type of massage oil you use, it may as well be Vaseline or a simple body lotion. The important part is to sprinkle a few drops of essential lavender or chamomile oil for full relaxation effects or orange essential oils if you want a more vibrating and energizing experience. Grilling some ribs on the best charcoal grills and enjoying your meat with a perfect back massage is something we all look forward of doing!

Massaging techniques

Begin by applying a small quantity of massage oil onto your hands and warming it up for a few seconds before applying it on the back of your partner. This will diminish the impact between the coldness of the oil and the body heat and will make the beginning smoother. Apply then a generous amount of oil throughout the body by using circular, large moves and applying little to no pressure. After the entire surface is smooth apply the same type of circular moves but now with more and more pressure. Firmly press the shoulders and apply more pressure there – it is the number one source of tension! If you want to go deeper try repeating the same strong and firm movements down the back until the coax. If you want to apply even more pressure, use your knuckles. However, make sure to dose your power and always ask your partner if they are comfortable with the intensity and pressure of your movements. It is very important to avoid the spine whenever using firm motions in order to not apply hard pressure on vertebras and risk causing side effects. Instead, use your pressure on the muscles along each side of the spine, where there is usual enough flesh and skin. 


The idea is to combine harsh movements with soft touches around the spine. Apply more pressure using your thumbs behind the head, right where the neck starts. The neck and shoulders are known to be the most stressed areas of the body and require special care.


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