Michigan Trucking Solutions: Why you can and should Trust Classic Transportation

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Michigan is an industrial and commercial powerhouse in the United States. Apart from automotive production, production of military equipment, mining of iron & copper ores, agriculture, food production, aerospace, and furniture are also among the state’s largest industries. My business provides supplies to military equipment makers in the state as well as providing leather and other composite materials for the automotive manufacturers in Detroit.

The services sector has shown growth in this industrial hotbed but nevertheless, manufacturing maintains a strong presence and the sector has shown a good rebound ever since the recession of 2008 took place. There is a dearth of warehousing and trucking companies in the state and that, the state’s very own Michigan trucking companies are present too but finding a reliable one can be a bit hard. Large firms have their own trucking fleet, and at times they do hire trucking firms outside their fleet not only because of their reliability but also those firms pay them good money. Medium sized businesses find it challenging to find reliable truckers, they do deliver the goods in one piece but time is a critical factor though the delay margins are small, they still concern businesses.

My business requires a stringent delivery schedule because I provide to the military as well as gun store owners in the state who need timely deliveries. There are options when it comes to Michigan trucking companies but I need one that delivers on time, who I can count on and who is very responsible in all aspects of the business. I can’t hire truckers whose drivers are drunk and cause too many crashes and I certainly can’t hire those who have been involved in bootlegging and transporting illegal goods.

I’ve been in business for more than 15 years, and I am thankful to Classic Transportation & Warehousing for meeting my trucking and warehousing needs. They are reliable and completely trustworthy, and they certainly are worth my money’s worth. The day I signed business terms with them is the day my business was blessed, and I have full faith and trust in them for my trucking needs.


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