What Makes You Buy Generac 6551 22kW Generator ?

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Premium Power Backup Solution for All Situations:

With an ample source of power backup;22KW, the generac 6551 generators are capable of lighting up your whole house within seconds. As compared to other models, it has a lower price per ampere and can run quite silently.

Let’s look at the product description in detail:

The enclosure is made of aluminium and a strong coating which prevents corrosion and decay of materials. With every buy, of  generac 6551 22kW generator you get 200amp smart switch-capable of handling saltwater areas. Along with a switch, it has circuit interpreter called ground fault circuit which protects you from severe electric shocks. It easily shuts off when come with the  connection of any water supply. With an amazing LCD screen and colored buttons it alerts you in multiple languages.

Engine and Fuel Efficiency of Generac 6551 22kw Generator:

With an OHVI engine; famous for it quietst working than other engine, it has a distinctive design that reduces emission of carbon. Thanks to the hydraulic valve filters which will auto adjust the clearance of valves.In order to reduce the temperature of the motor, the valves deliver pressurized oil to major components and thus lubricating will lessen the motor’s temperature. It comes with an amazing feature of automatically conducting a diagnostic test when required, the 6551 engine takes about 5 minutes to evaluate the whole system. It’s up to you to take these tests weekly, bimonthly or monthly.

Features That Make You Buy Generac 6551 22kW Generator:

1. It starts automatically giving a longer power backup.
2. Fuel efficient and runs even on natural gas and LPG.
3. LED screen digital controller for fault indications
4. OHVI engine
5. Strong Aluminium enclosure
6. GFCI based outlet
7. 75 years manufacturing warranty
8. Mobile linked control

Buy Generac 6551 22kW Generator  and place it at least 18 inches away from your house. It also comes with a composite mounting pad that helps streamline  installation process.

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