What You Need To Know About Anniversary Rings – Dazzling Rock

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Anniversary rings, available in a variety of designs and styles, are making couples swoon these days. Elegant and beautiful, they flaunt the best radiance and glamor like no other 

In all probability, as far as you and your special someone is concerned, you would like to gift them a diamond ring on every given occasion. However, apart from wedding ceremonies and marriage proposals, diamond rings are seldom presented as a token of romance. Why not change all of that? Why not starting a new trend by bringing home a different anniversary ring every year – you will be amazed when you see the smile that lights up your partner’s face when he or she opens that gift box. 

Rings For Her

Whether it is your 1st anniversary or your 40th, the woman of your dreams will accept few other things with as much unbridled enthusiasm, as she would diamond anniversary rings. These fantastic gifts radiate love and serve as fantastic gifts to melt her heart. As a discerning customer, you may want to have a look at different diamond rings so that you can pick the best one available. You may also want to check out three stone diamond rings, eternity diamond rings, or the ones set with precious and semi-precious gemstones to match her style. 

If you look around carefully, you will find the best diamond rings that fall well within your budget. This gift of love will speak volumes about your undying attachment to the most precious woman in your life and reveals your true appreciation of her in many ways. 

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Different types of Anniversary rings

All anniversaries are different in their own way and represent different chapters in your years of togetherness. Why then should the rings you choose to be any different? If you intend to present the love of your life with unique rings every year, then it would be a good idea to know a bit about some of the popular variants available at jewelry stores. Below are some of the most popular and coveted rings that are waiting to make it to your wish list. 

Eternity diamond rings For Anniversary

As the name suggests, eternity rings never fail to represent unique and coveted anniversary rings. In most cases, these elegant looking bands are specially designed to symbolize your relationship and provide the assurance that your relationship will last forever. Encircled by tiny diamonds that are set all around the circumference of the band, eternity rings have no end or beginning and are said to go on forever – just like the relation shared by you and your sweetheart. 

Three stone diamond rings For Anniversary

Representing an altogether different approach in love relationships, three stone diamond rings have always made it big with women looking for beautiful finger adornments. In this type of anniversary ring, each of the three stones points to a new phase in life – past, present, future. You may like to customize the selection of the stones, the metal and the size of diamonds, to suit your taste and your budget. 

In addition to this, there are a plethora of anniversary rings available for couples in love, just like you.  The perfect design would be one that suits your jewelry style. What’s more, to add a personal touch, you may wish to inscribe a secret message on the inner side of the band, like the date of your anniversary, her nickname, the place you first met, the location of your wedding or a simple message – “I love you”. 

How to buy Unique Rings?

If you already know the rules to follow while selecting diamond rings, you would know how important it is to consider the 4Cs of diamonds – cut, clarity, carat and color. The same rules that apply when you shop for diamonds are applicable when you are out shopping for unique rings and bands for an anniversary. An important point to consider is how these factors or selection influence the price and design factors of the ring you shortlist. 

A celebration of partnership, trust, and love

These special rings are fit to mark the significance of any anniversary. Not confined to the “Diamond Anniversary” alone, they look elegant and are often more cherished than solitaire engagement rings because of their. Even though anniversary rings are not used as extensively as bridal rings set with diamonds, cocktail diamond rings or engagement rings with diamonds, they are nevertheless very attractive and special. 

Anniversary rings celebrate marriage and togetherness. They re-affirm the faith of individual partners in the relationship they share with each other. These rings symbolize trust and partnership, be it through diamonds, gemstones or just a simple band – such as wedding bands or eternity bands.

diamond anniversary rings – dazzling rock4

What’s the right time to gift rings?

As a person gifting an anniversary ring, you would know the best time to give your loved one such a ring. You may like to make a wedding anniversary all the more special by gifting a symbolic ring to your better half, nor would be doing anything wrong by buying anniversary rings for each marriage anniversary either; after all, diamonds happen to be a woman’s best friend and are to be loved forever. 

Are diamond anniversary rings expensive?

There are absolutely no rules written anywhere that would stop you from spending what you think is fit for diamond anniversary rings that catch your fancy. The price tag should be within your comfort and budget to make it a good buy. At the end of the day, the emotions and feelings matter the most. It is advisable to chalk out your budget first and then invest in the anniversary ring based on your budget. 

Different Styles of Rings

If money is not a big concern, and you would like to splurge on a ring that is both elegant yet showy, then you may want to check out three stone diamond rings that express your emotions to the fullest. Yet another way to commemorate your anniversary is by adding the given number of diamonds to match the specific anniversary. For instance, you may go for a diamond ring set with 15 diamonds of equal or varying sizes to mark the 15th year of marriage. You may also select his or her birthstone to include some color in the anniversary ring you choose. 

These days, it is also common to find rings set with different colored gemstones that enhance their look. For example, a platinum anniversary band would feature an elegant arrangement of equal-sized diamonds set immaculately at the top of the ring. A jeweler can customize such a ring further by blending birthstones and more diamonds to create a unique piece. You would also like to check out custom-made contemporary bands that noted jewelry designers offer to make any event with your soulmate more special; alternating baguette shaped and channel-set diamonds placed on an oddly shaped band would present a modern design that would sweep her off her feet!

On which hand should one wear It?

Diamond Engagement rings are normally worn on the ring finger of the left hand. Fortunately, there is no fixed convention to follow while wearing it. A person can comfortably wear these rings on either hand. As they match well with wedding bands and engagement rings set in diamonds, the wearer may flaunt an anniversary ring along with the other two. If you have a big-sized wedding rings and solitaire engagement rings, it would be a good idea to wear the anniversary ring on the right hand. You may want to invest in it that have the same metal as the wedding and/or engagement ring so that all the rings blend perfectly with each other. 

Rings for Him

Ladies, why don’t you surprise your husband by gifting him a solitaire anniversary ring on your next anniversary? After all, why should women have all the fun? So, go ahead and stun him with the most beautiful diamond ring you can find in your budget; your soul mate would surely not mind reciprocating the gesture. 

Last word 

Just like all other types of popular rings for men and women, diamond anniversary rings are available at specialty jewelry stores- both online and offline. It is important to check out several anniversary ring designs and styles before choosing one for a loved one.


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