Strangest Hotels In The World | Top 10

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Marmara Antalya, Antalya, Turkey

Traveling to Turkey, more precisely to Antalya we found a hotel that meets our demand, to be strange, unique or unusual.

Some of the guests who come here would think at first sight that this hotel is an usual one.

Apparently the hotel is a normal one, but the unique thing comes when you book a room in the loft of the hotel.

The 24-room loft, is situated near the hotel and is the world’s first spinning hotel.

So guys you make reservations in the loft of the Antalya Marmara hotel, and you will have the best views ever.

For those who don’t know the main character of the hotel, they can go to sleep at night facing the pool and in the morning the view is changed, waking up to the sea or other view.

It is a strange hotel because this revolving structure uses water and 6 motors.

On top of a pool of 478 tons of water and helped by electrical motors, the building revolves 360 degrees giving you the best views ever.

You don’t need to book a room with a view because all rooms have different views because the structure can spin several times a day.

Strangest Hotels In The World | Top 10
#8 Marmara Antalya, Antalya, Turkey
Strangest Hotels In The World | Top 10
#8 Marmara Antalya, Antalya, Turkey

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