The strangest music instruments in the world

30 March 2015

Strangest music instruments in the world

If you are a true artist you can create music from everything, but some people understood in a different way this saying and they created the strangest music instruments in the world.

If creating music was hard, we bring you the music instruments who define the logic of music and are purely odd.

Describing them and the way you have to play them, is kind of hard, but in the following we will show you how these strange musical instruments work.

These instruments not only defy some logic, but also some of them make the weirdest sounds.

From the far corners of the world, to the basement of geniuses and people who get bored of the normal music instrument we present you the top 10 strangest music instruments, a list of items that we don’t usually see in the orchestra.

10. The AK 47 Guitar

Starting the list of the most weirdest musical instruments in the world we have an electric guitar.

So far so good about this instrument, it’s sounds normal and could be playable.

The oddness about it comes when we talk about the form and the object that the guitar was made from.

The electric guitar was made from a decommissioned AK-47 assault rifle and you can play it like a normal guitar.

Following the phenomena we discovered that the guitar is called “Escopetarra”, a combination between the Spanish words escopeta and guitarra.

They were several made in the world and their purpose is as a symbol given by peace activist to important people like former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

#10 AK 47 Guitar | Strangest Music Instruments | Top 10 | Image Source:
#10 AK 47 Guitar | Strangest Music Instruments | Top 10 | Image Source:
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