Let There be Luxury Lights: ‘Shylights’ that Open and Close like Flowers

10 October 2016

Picture the scene – a group of tulip-shaped lamps, randomly move up and down, and appear to open and close like flower buds. This artful light installation is called Shylights and is truly amazing.

A poetic combination of nature and technology, Studio Drift Shylights open and close like flowers in response to light. Shylight is actually a lamp which seems to be alive, because of dynamic natural-looking movements.

Studio Drift is a design firm based in Amsterdam. It produces brilliant sculptural light fixtures that you could only imagine in storybooks and tales. As a matter of fact, Studio Drift light installations, have earned widespread praise from exhibitions and galleries around the world.

When you turn on the light, the Shylights fall down from their metal holders as they bloom like flowers.

The clever use of advanced robot and light technology, allows the Shylights to open into full bloom in a glorious way. Not to mention their peaceful retreat which mimics flowers closing up at night.

Shylights inside an empty Eindhoven factory. | Image source: www.studiodrift.com

Hi-tech Design Mimics Natural Mechanism

There are some types of flowers in the nature that close at night. In other words, the flower reacts to light and heat, either for self-defense or conservation of energy. This highly clever natural mechanism is called nyctinasty, and is the driving inspiration for the design of Shylights.

Image source: www.studiodrift.com

It took Studio Drift five years to provide the technology for the installation of Shylights. The technology relies on robotics which are controllable through iPad or iPhone.

Image source: www.studiodrift.com

It’s also possible to program the Shylights in different ways, such as moving in harmony with music. Just imagine how breath taking it is to see a group of flower-like Shylights performing their delicate dance moves.

Shylights at the Rijksmuseum | Image source: www.studiodrift.com

It’s also worth mentioning that Shylight is now a permanent feature in the renovated Philips Wing at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum museum.

Dandelights: Another Instance of Stunning Art Lights by Studio Drift

Another example of marvelous artwork by Studio Drift is the Drift Dandelight. It’s a project where dandelion clocks are made by connecting real dandelion seeds, one by one to an LED light.

Shylights, Dandelights - Studio Drift
Dandelight | Image source: www.studiodrift.com

With their Fragile Future III project, Studio Drift went even more insane. Electric circuits in the form of a 3D bronze structure, connect a group of Dandelights in an exquisite manner.

Shylights, Dandelights - Studio Drift
Fragile Future III | Image source: www.studiodrift.com

In the business for nearly 10 years, Studio Drift mixes dreamy visions with hi-tech science, to delve into the link between nature, technology and art.

In order to create their novel art, they have had help from scientists, engineers and universities. The result of their painstaking conceptual work, is nothing but a magnificent masterpiece which is truly different from today’s mass production artworks.

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