Stunning Energy Efficient Villas

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Stunning Energy Efficient Villas

It seems that more and more eco-houses or structures are being built, and that’s a great thing in my opinion.

People are starting to care more and more about the environment and this planets resources that we all know to have an expiration date on them.

But that’s not all, people also care about the aesthetics, transforming into reality some great design and architectural ideas that we all can enjoy either by living in them, study or work in them, or just passing by them on the street.

Located in Southwest China on an 90,000 square meter site, are 45 stunning energy efficient villas designed by Vincent Callebaut Architectures.

So let’s have a look at them and learn a bit more about these Stunning Energy Efficient Villas!

Stunning Energy Efficient Villas

Encouraging a close relationship with the natural environment, the Flavours Orchard as the site it’s called, combines the conveniences of urban living with the beauty that comes from the stunning rural landscapes.

Stunning Energy Efficient Villas

Connected to a smart building automation network, the series of units allows the surplus power generated by the solar roof panels to be directed elsewhere, one of those places being electric vehicles.

Stunning Energy Efficient Villas

The stunning energy efficient villas are categorized by three distinct types, entitled mobius, mountain, and shell, that refer to the building’s identity and design.

Stunning Energy Efficient Villas

The mountain villa is aligned to track the sun’s path across the sky and opens out at 180 degrees. In the interior of the villa, right in the center of the building sits a light filled atrium that connects each of the four levels of it.

Stunning Energy Efficient Villas

Offering an amazing view towards the landscape through a large arch, we find the living rooms and reception spaces, and in the centrer coiled around a panoramic glazed elevator is a spiral staircase.

Stunning Energy Efficient Villas

Offering a stunning panoramic view across the orchard, the shell villa sits on six steel pillars, being elevated above ground.

Stunning Energy Efficient Villas

The exterior and interior design of these stunning energy efficient villas is simply amazing, offering you a breathtaking view on the entire site, and perfectly integrating in the rural-urban landscape.

So now tell me, would you like to live in one of these stunning energy efficient villas, or at least visit them?

We hope you enjoyed our article about the Stunning Energy Efficient Villas.

Leave you answers and opinions on this amazing little eco village/city in the comments section bellow.

Official Website and Photo Credits: Vincent Callebaut Architectures

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