Stylish Male Celebrities 2013 | TOP 10

1 November 2013

Stylish Male Celebrities 2013 | TOP 10

Are you ready to read about the most  Stylish Male Celebrities?

Style, how can we define it? Style is the way you combine pieces of different clothes to make one great outfit.

We live in a world where the looks are really important, so are for the celebrities on a daily basis , but is not about the age, the nationality, the color, fashion is for everyone with a good taste.

Girls are always in the zone when it comes to fashion, but the guys aren’t going to give up their spot either. A man wardrobe is not that complicated as for the girls, between all the watches, suits, ties, shoes, the choices they make must be their personality feature.

#10  David Beckham

Apart from his amazing work of art on his skin -his tattoos- the footballer, David Beckham has a designer wife who dresses him. I was just joking, but we have to admit he knows how to assamble good outfits, whether is going for a run or his is attending the Royal Wedding.

Always live up to expectations, because he is the husband of the model/designer Victoria Beckham.  Did you know he was one of the stylish athletes in the world? But lately he started to show off his hipster side, but we do love it. Can you do it better? Don’t think you can 🙂

dvdbkhm Stylish Male Celebrities 2013  #10  David Beckham
Stylish Male Celebrities 2013 : #10 David Beckham

#9 Neil Patrick Harris

“Suit up,kids  cause this is going to be Legen… wait for it.. dary “ i am sure you heard those quotes many times before. The actor who plays the womanizer Barney Stinson on the TV series “How i met  your mother” gave a new and fresh way of wearing a suit. Even when he wore that duck tie (HYMIM fans will remember) he still had class. Is one of the best dressed American celebrities and covered tons of magazines and in addition to his work on How I Met Your Mother, Harris has enjoyed great success as the host of Broadway’s biggest award show, the Tonys. He has served as the event’s master of ceremonies three times—in 2009, 2011 and 2012.

nlptrckhrs Stylish Male Celebrities 2013 :  #9 Neil Patrick Harris
Stylish Male Celebrities 2013 : #9 Neil Patrick Harris


#8 Robert Downey-Jr

From that time when he was wearing way big suits, RDJ style has evolved into a real chick magnet, which is great for his age (48). Now he asked for the help of a tailor and he did well, cause is really an improvement.

But the real improvement came when he had to play Sherlock Holmes, because we know the character style, Robert borrowed some tips from Sherlock’s style making a flawless red carpet appearance at the film premiere. Until then his style has grown from the Sherlock to Tony Stark the billionaire man. We are looking forward to his new appearances, do you?


rbrtdnwjr Stylish Male Celebrities 2013 :  #8 Robert Downey-Jr
Stylish Male Celebrities 2013 : #8 Robert Downey-Jr

#7 Ben Affleck

Have you heard? He is our new Batman and we will see him playing the hero in the next Superman movie called “Superman vs. Batman”. Mostly wearing jeans and casual clothes (in which he looks good) the actor rocks in the festivity clothes, when he needs to wear tuxedos or fancy suits but only on special occasions, mostly on the red carpet.
Ben Affleck’s good looks and uncontrived style have not gone unrecognized by the fashion industry either; he has fronted the covers of countless fashion magazines from around the world.

bnafflk Stylish Male Celebrities 2013 :  #7 Ben Affleck
Stylish Male Celebrities 2013 : #7 Ben Affleck

#6 Ryan Gosling

Blonde, bearded and green eyes-as a female I admire this features -his features- but the guys admire him too. They admire the way he dresses, his abs, hoping one day they will look like him.

But to be Ryan Gosling it requires hard work and the actor puts a lot of effort in his looks. He visits the gym, the tailor and the hair-stylist.  Did you know that he is mostly wearing Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo suits on the red carpet?

When he is not on the red carpet, he is still “got it”; you can get some tips from him, plus he is wearing the sunglasses when he gets the chance.

rngslng Stylish Male Celebrities 2013 :  #6 Ryan Gosling
Stylish Male Celebrities 2013 : #6 Ryan Gosling

#5 Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Esquire” magazine gave him the title of the best dressed man in 2012.The style of this 32 (years old) actor is quite impressive. He looks good on the red carpet but when he is not doing some official event you’ll think he dresses ordinary, like he picks up random clothes and put them on, I say you are wrong, he looks good when he is casual.
Have you noticed he is always wearing pins? Actually only one particular one, a red one he wears is for an organization he advocates called, “hitRecod”. HitRecord is an open collaborative production company which includes writers, musicians, filmmakers, video editors, animators, illustrators, photographers, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Now take another look at his pictures and you’ll see.

josgorlev Stylish Male Celebrities 2013 :  #5 Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Stylish Male Celebrities 2013 : #5 Joseph Gordon-Levitt

#4 Brad Pitt

Actor, father, husband, style icon – that’s how we know Brad. God blessed him with good looks and charisma, even if he’d wear a plastic bag on his head woman will still be attracted to him. But beside his looks he managed to pull of some great outfits, whether boarding a plane, luch with family, shopping he has an easygoing style that compliments his free spirit.
Two time winner of People’s Sexiest Man Alive title has an impressive way to bring a natural “flavor” in everything he wears. We can add here also his sleek suits, scarf and sunglasses,

brdptt Stylish Male Celebrities 2013 :  #4 Brad Pitt
Stylish Male Celebrities 2013 : #4 Brad Pitt


#3 Idris Elba

All the men wear shirts and jeans, but not like him! Only he can rock them and the Pacific Rim role, cause maaan he is good. He played John Luther a stylish character, just like him, on TV  series Luther.

Black suits are his area in which he is noticed when he is wearing them on the red carpet. Was on the cover of some of the most known fashion magazines from around the world, like GQ or Esquire.

idrslba Stylish Male Celebrities 2013 :  #3 Idris Elba
Stylish Male Celebrities 2013 : #3 Idris Elba

#2 Nick (Nickelson) Wooster

One of the most popular fashion icon from Tumblr – He joined in February 2011 because of an old boyfriend who gave him the idea of blogging. He’s been there since then and it became more and more popular, started to post his own pictures and people like it.

At his age, his style is really impressive, most of us will like to dress like him. Is  like a role model for everyone, tattooed and bearded.

nckwstr Stylish Male Celebrities 2013 :
Stylish Male Celebrities 2013 : #2 Nick (Nickelson) Wooster

#1 Justin Timberlake

He is “bringing sexy back” with his “Suit and tie”. When he was N’Sync member he didn’t had that much style, remember those large clothes and that hair? Yes, we do too. But now he is one of the best dressed celebrity male of all time. He is now a good actor/comedian, singer and  songwriter.

But he did worked hard on getting here, 2013 was a busy year for him : releasing his two-part album “20/20 Experience”, the movie “Runner,Runner”, the MTV performance when the band was reunited, you’ll think he doesn’t have time to do anything else.

He brought back the style, the suit and tie style, the groove, the new music that we’ve been waiting for forever to happen, it finally happened. For all that he deserve the number one position in our top, because he is an artist, a performer, actor and has a great taste in clothes creating a new and fresh style.

jstntbrlk Stylish Male Celebrities 2013 :
Stylish Male Celebrities 2013 : #1 Justin Timberlake

Did you like it? Who is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂