Summer Shoes For Women 2013

25 June 2013

Women love shoes ! That’s a fact that no one can disapprove. It’s said that the first thing that people observe when they meet someone are their shoes. Even if it’s true or not , the right pair of shoes can make you shine in a crowded place.


Why we love shoes? Because they fit with anything, they can be used year after year and you don’t need a diet to wear them. I believe heels can make you look different. Once you put your stilettos on, you can do whatever you want. They give you the right attitude, and make you feel sexy.


 So, what  is hot this summer ? I will show you.  

Bring the 80’s back this summer with neon colours !


Platform sandals are perfect for the weekend or after work. These types are more casual in style.


I dare you to wear these ankle strap sandal for miniskirts, shorts, and minidresses to create a long-legged look.


Wear flats on a busy day, or at shopping. These work well with skirts, jeans and summer dresses.









Wear metallic platform sandals with skirts and dresses. These add a touch of luxury to your outfit and make you shine in the light of the sun.

Picture 24All you have to do is keep your heels, head and standards high !

Kisses, Irina

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