Sunset Plaza Residence | Dream Home

25 March 2014

Sunset Plaza Residence | Dream Home

This luxury Sunset Plaza Residence | Dream Home is situated in West Hollywood and is perfect for you!

This house was possible because of the designers, David Thompson and Kevin Southerland from Santa Monica-based Belzberg Architects.

Your dream home is called Sunset Plaza Residence, I know it and you know it.

The landscape surrounding this house is amazing and breathtaking. I know I always say this, but is true.

With 13,023 square feet, this house is something! Sits on the hillside in LA, California and it is the ultimate luxury home.

Is the place where the modern art is at its finest! Is where you belong!

It is situated where the entertainment and relaxation are just there, to please you.

Composed of three volumes: the main building, a guest house and because you need to take care of your looks, it has a wellness centre.

What I think is the asset of the house, are the movable glass walls.

How cool is that? You see someone just not simply not build their dream home, they do it big time with all the necessary things.

The L-shape invites the sun into your home for a good natural lighting in every room of the house.

Another awesome thing about the house is the roof plane which expands the view framed by the house facing south and west.

Sunset Plaza Residence | Dream Home

I said previous that the landscape surrounding the house are breathtaking, but the interiors are not bad either.

Luxury feels like it’s at home in this Sunset Plaza Residence | Dream Home.

Everything is at its place, nothing seems to be extra and the  place looks great- just like the dream home you’ve been thinking at.

What more can you ask about a dream home?

But now the question is, the Sunset Plaza Residence | Dream Home is worth it? I mean with the Hollywood hills and everything.

I think it fits perfectly in the view and the Hollywood Hills look even better!

Source:  (Michael Weschler Photography)

What’s your opinion about the Sunset Plaza Residence | Dream Home? Is your dream home? I know is mine! Leave your opinions in the comments below and don’t forget to share!