10 Super Expensive Rental Cars

17 June 2015

Super Expensive Rental Cars For The Rich

When it comes to the luxury world owing a luxury car is like buying a phone, but some of the richest people around don’t necessarily want to pay so much taxes for these expensive toys that is why super expensive rental cars were invented.

For those who just want to have some fun, or want to show that even in a foreign city or country their status doesn’t change and could express their wealth through luxury cars, then this is the perfect list to check out.

These are those unique car models that are so cool that most people pay a huge chunk of money to drive them around for a day or two.

With a blooming rental industry that has the power to give for rental the most unique cars in the world, this is the list you were looking for and wanted to see desperately.

So these are the most expensive car rentals we found, unique and exotic cars that have starting prices for a day of driving equivalent to the price of a stock town car.

10. Ferrari 458 Speciale

The first model that we found available for rent and for a nice price is the Ferrari 458 Speciale a model from the famous Maranello shops.

So keep in mind that we are talking about extremely expensive cars that are only a few for rent and the quota per day is very high.

The 605 HP model reaches 100 kilometres per hour in 3 seconds and you can find it at the top European luxury rentals, for different prices.

For a rate starting at $3,000 you get the car for a day, 100 kilometres included some extra kilometres being taxed with $5,5.

#10 Ferrari 458 Speciale | Super Expensive Rental Cars | Image Source: caradvice.com.au
#10 Ferrari 458 Speciale | Super Expensive Rental Cars | Image Source: caradvice.com.au
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