How Much Does an F1 Car Cost?

26 May 2016

Formula 1 (F1) is one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world. One of the reasons is the F1 car itself.

Besides being the most prestigious, F1 is also the most expensive. We have 10 reasons to back up that fact here: What is The World’s Most Expensive Sport? One of it is definitely the F1 car itself.

This sport is not just about the talented drivers. It is also about the technology and the efforts they put into building the most important thing of the race: the car.

Each of these cars was built for its own perfection. The whole components were assembled together into this masterpiece. After reading this article, you would understand the frustration when the car got wrecked from a crash during the race.

The average cost for one F1 car is around ten million dollar. However, this price may vary depending on the factory and accustomed settings. Let’s break down each part and find out the cost!

10. Steering Wheel (estimated cost: $53,000)

Let’s Breakdown The Ten Million Dollar F1 Car | #10 Steering Wheel (estimated cost: $53,000) | source: youtube.com
Let’s Break Down The Ten Million Dollar F1 Car | #10 Steering Wheel (estimated cost: $53,000) | source: youtube.com

In regular cars, a steering wheel is nothing but a handle to control your car around. In F1 car, it is way more to it. An F1 steering wheel is extremely complex. It is the control panel of the highly sophisticated car.

The drivers get to control the whole car from this instrument. It does pretty much everything except for breaking and throttling.

Among many things on the panel are gear switch, neutral button, radio system’s push-to-talk button, pit lane speed limiter system engage, energy recovery systems (ERS), drag reduction system (DRS), and many more.

The display and settings of the steering wheel for each car and each driver may be different. With such complexity, it should come as no surprise that one single F1 steering wheel can cost around $53,000.

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