Tennis Memorabilia: Top 10 Most Expensive List

18 April 2016

What are the most expensive tennis memorabilia in the world?

The world has a special spot for sport events like tennis tournament. Especially when it comes to the most prestigious and oldest tournament in the world. How much money people willing to spend on tennis memorabilia is one of the proofs of its divine.

Why would people buy tennis memorabilia at such price? The answer varies. Some may see them as collectible items. Some are just die-hard fans of the tennis players, the sport, or the particular event itself. Some others just like to put their hands on a piece of history.

Being the oldest tennis tournament, Wimbledon holds the greatest tennis history which results many tennis memorabilia. From the winner’s medals to racket. The history that this tournament has been writing since 1877 offers collectors tons of them.

Here we have the top 10 of the world’s most expensive tennis memorabilia ever sold. When you look at the prices, keep in mind that most of them are vintage items with far less quality compared to the same items used or produced today.

10. Helen Will’s Gold Medal from 1927: Sold for $10,157

Tennis Memorabilia: Top 10 Most Expensive List Helen Wills' 1927 Medal
Helen Wills Moody (Photo credit should read AFP/AFP/Getty Images) | source: nbcsports.com

Helen Wills was an American tennis player from 1922 until 1938. She retired after the 1938 Wimbledon Grand Slam. She had to end her career after suffering a serious dog bite on her finger.

Helen held a record of 63 wins and just 2 loses. She won 31 Grand Slam tournament titles. Eight of them are at Wimbledon.

She was the first American woman to become a globally-known athlete. Although she passed away at the age of 92, her fame burst through our generations.

Her first medal from winning Women’s Singles Title at Wimbledon 1927 was sold at Heritage Auctioneers for $10,157. The auction was held in Dallas, US, 2013. Besides the medal, her other memorabilia such as trophies were also auction for a total amount of more than $175,000.

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