Tennis Memorabilia: Top 10 Most Expensive List

18 April 2016

9. Blanche Bingley’s Gold Bracelet from 1886: Sold for $18,000

Tennis Memorabilia: Top 10 Most Expensive List Blanche Bingley's 1886 Bracelet
Blanche Bingley | source: tennisforum.com

This is not just one of the most expensive tennis memorabilia, but also the oldest. It is dated from 1886. More than a hundred years ago.

The item is a gold winner’s bracelet. It belonged to Blanche Bingley, also known as Blanche Hillyard after she got married to another successful tennis player, George Hillyard.

Bingley held a record of six Wimbledon Women’s Singles titles and thirteen final’s appearances. Her career in tennis was successful for 28 years.

She got the winner’s gold bracelet after winning the Wimbledon 1886. Just 2 years after the Women’s Singles number was introduced. The item was sold for $18,000 at Guerney’s auction in 2009.

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