The Aladdin City from Dubai is set to Build Next Year

23 February 2015

The Aladdin City from Dubai Will Look Like The Fairytale!

Have you seen the Aladdin City from Dubai? A 4,000-acre ‘Aladdin City’  with towers and everything is going to be built in Dubai.

After we’ve seen that the most luxurious airport in the world has its home in Dubai, there is nothing to surprise us anymore.

This ‘Aladdin City’ building is yet another outrageous building project that will take out the skyline of Arabian city.

The design of the building was obviously inspired by the famous characters Aladdin from the Middle Eastern folk Tale the Arabian Nights and the more modern Disney blockbuster and Sinbad the Sailor.

Six towers all linked by air-conditioned bridges with magic carpets or moving walkways, will be featured on the complex.

The shape of the air-conditioned bridges that will link the buildings represents the form of exotic marine life such as dragons and snakes.

Aladdin City from Dubai
Aladdin City from Dubai

The construction of the massive building is planned to begin next year. It will include commercial and hotel area as well as parking spots for 900 vehicles.

The highest tower of the project, one of the shimmering gold genie lamps, will reach 34 stores looking over Dubai Creek.

That area is a famous spot among old wooden fishing boats and is set to become one of UNESCO World Heritage site.

The complex will become the largest in a string of ambitious building projects in Dubai. The Dubai Frame, a 150-metre-high, 93-metre-wide structure, will be similar to the Grande Arche de la Defense in Paris.

Aladdin City from Dubai
Aladdin City from Dubai

Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality, said in a statement “The project aims to develop towers to be the icons of legends of the past with a touch of beauty and tourism characteristic of the city. It comes in the prime location of Dubai Creek maintaining the activities of the port heritage.”

‘We plan to start work on the project next year; we have our own funds to finance the project,’ director-general Hussain Nasser Lootah told the Future of Dubai website.

The project is set to open in the second half of the next year and it will be a “sustainable” satellite city with housing for 160,000 people.

Aladdin City from Dubai
Aladdin City from Dubai

But with this Aladdin City the list of Dubai’s next project is not closed. On the contrary, Dubai intended to build the Dubai Eye, the world’s largest ferris wheel, which was due to open this year.

I am not sure that the Dubai Eye project will become real, but I am hoping they will do this Aladdin City, because it looks quite fantastic.

Other tourism-orientated projects announced by Dubai Municipality include Al Fahaidi Market, Naif Souq, Dubai Frame, Deira Fish Market, Dubai Safari Park, Crocodile Park and Quran Park.

Aladdin City from Dubai
Aladdin City from Dubai

Those that are currently being designed are the Flower and Miniature parks, the Mohammad Bin Rashid Library on the creek, Boats and Fishing Tools Market in Al Barsha south, the Art Centre in Al Quoz and the Dubai Wetland Centre that will include a museum and visitor centre in the existing Ras Al Khor Sanctuary.

The world’s tallest building, another Dubai’s extravagant designs, Burj Khalifa, is situated close to ‘Aladdin City’.

Although the work is scheduled to begin on the development in 2016, the cost of the project has not been revealed.

Aladdin City from Dubai
Aladdin City from Dubai

In addition, it is expected to boost Dubai economically in its long-term goals by increasing tourism, especially to Dubai in the run-up to Expo 2020.

Aladdin City from Dubai
Aladdin City from Dubai |pics: emirates247.com|

We made this video for you to learn even more about this luxurious city:

What do you about the Aladdin City from Dubai? Is this a place you want to go in the future? Is it extravagant enough for Dubai?