The Best Travel Apps | Top 10

5 July 2014

The Best Travel Apps | Top 10

When you are on the road your smartphone can be the best thing you brought with you because in the following we are talking about the best travel apps out there.

For those who like to travel a lot, the android based phone or the IOS platform can make your trip easy and help you save time and money.

So for the moment a phone has to combine the perfect number of apps that a traveler needs. It must be the perfect combination summing everything from directions, phone numbers, weather info, traffic, food related, planning and many many more.

The most important thing is that you must be prepared because your phone can be a game changer, helping you to discover, to plan, to execute and to have the perfect vacation.

The best travel apps are a to do list before you even plan your vacation and start thinking where to go.

Now we will give you some of the most used and highest rated apps on the market, to accompany you on your trip and make your stay overseas calm and according to plan.

This first app is for your bags ->

10. Pack the Bag

Ever had packing problems? Forgot to pack something  or lost through your luggage a small thing that had a specific importance?

No problem. For this particular thing we give you Pack the Bag, a virtual checklist with 26 categories, a manageable application who can offer you the necessary certainty that you packed everything.

Before you leave, this application for the IPhone users, gives you all the necessary info on what you should pack. You can check everything and even put alarms to remind you something.

So now don’t be afraid you lost or forgot some plane tickets or your favorite shorts, because Pack the Bag, reminds you that the perfect travel list can be easily created.

Best Travel Apps | Top 10
Pack the Bag – application for IOS
Best Travel Apps | Top 10
Pack the Bag – app for IOS
Best Travel Apps | Top 10
Pack the Bag – app for IOS

The next app is also for organizing ->

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