The Bow Tie | Men’s Fashion

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    The Bow Tie

    The Bow Tie is one of the accessories which takes all the looks and for the modern man is a customary from any formal attire.

    The Bow Tie is a good alternative for those who don’t want to wear a tie but still the class from their attire must be shown. It consists of a ribbon of fabric tied around the collar in a symmetrical manner such that the two opposite ends form loops.

    Some people say that the bow tie is related with the tie and but still looks like a scarf because of the loop. The Bow Tie is originated in Croatia during the Prussian Wars of the 17th century. They have been using a scarf around the neck to hold together by opening their shirts and soon the bow tie has been adopted by the high classes in France. Over time many important personalities of world history wore bow ties and we remember: Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Harry Truman, Johan Krouthén and Sigmund Freud. (photo from left to right)

    The Bow Tie | Men's Fashion

    Even the bow tie is a formal accessory for a business man this outfit is associated to a nonconformist or an extravagant person. This thing is a little funny because in the early 90s the bow tie was an accessory only for politicians.

    Now these gorgeous accessories have all colors and different shapes.

    The Bow Tie | Men's Fashion

    The Bow Tie | Men's Fashion

    The Bow Tie | Men's Fashion

    ^ These are my personal favorites and they can be combined with many outfits. ^

    How to tie a bow tie? Here you go!



    tumblr_mgqppeRqdo1qlvt53o4_250 tumblr_mgqppeRqdo1qlvt53o5_r1_250

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    It’s not that hard. It’s almost like tying your shoelace, but for your neck.
    The Bow Tie can be worn also with a casual outfit as with jeans, shirt and sneakers but, here is an important thing that everyone should care about! At every casual outfit if you want to wear a bow tie chose one with a model, something stripped with different prints and many colors.
    If you have a speech, or you want to capture all the attention try a colored bow tie and of course make sure that what you say is right. But it’s not enough just to buy a bow tie or to make one and wear it to be “cool” .. every person has a different aspect and for everyone exists a type of bow tie. Make sure that your outfit will define you with style and class. As for me .. The Bow Tie is always a good choice.


    This Article was written by: Daniel Polec. You can visit his blog: [button color=”red” size=”small” link=”http://daanii.com” target=”blank” ]OBSCVRED[/button]

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