26 December 2016

The Deserted Boy

Once upon a time there was a small boy who lived near a small village and was deserted by his family because they were poor and didn’t know what to do with the boy in that condition.

So the boy wandered around trying to figure out what to do now but the kids around him used to tease him and tell him you are a disgrace to your family even your family doesn’t want you! The boy  had a very strong will, he didn’t give up and tried a lot of stuff like asking for work, taking out the garbage for people sitting in their homes etc. But one day the boy gave up because he was told so many times that “YOU CAN’T  YOU CAN’T ” the boy gave up and went near a mountain and started weeping and couldn’t figure out what to do.

All of a sudden he saw a small ant climbing the mountain. He saw that the small ant was taking a grain with him and tried to take that grain inside his house but couldn’t.

The first time the little ant tried he fell so the little ant tried again and as expected he fell again because it was too heavy for him. The little boy was watching carefully and thinking to himself: why doesn’t it just give up, it always fails to get that piece of grain inside its house but the little ant kept on trying and after multiple failures it finally got the grain inside its house.

The little boy told himself that when a small ant doesn’t give up why should him. I will work as hard as i can until i do achieve what I want and started his journey to become successful in his life no matter how hard it would be.

Never lose hope because even God helps those who help themselves.