The Highest Igloo Hotel In The Alps

14 March 2014

The Highest Igloo Hotel In The Alps

IgluLodge hotel takes the prize for the highest igloo hotel in the Alps, offering the visitors an amazing experience throughout their stay.

The IgluLodge is an amazing ice hotel in the Southern Germany’s Allgäu Alps that can accommodate up to 40 guests in their igloos.

The highest igloo hotel was designed by a skilled snow artist, and also, the hotel features a distinctive theme each year.

The amazing ice hotel has been rebuilt each winter since the 09/10 season and each year it is decorated in ice sculptures that follow a particular theme.

All that being said,  let’s take a look at The Highest Igloo Hotel In The Alps and see what it’s all about!

The Highest Igloo Hotel In The Alps

The hotel is filled with artistic renderings everywhere you look, and the walls of the icy accommodations are full of lively inspiration in every direction as faces and objects made of snow and ice that pop out at the viewer.

The Highest Igloo Hotel In The Alps

The artistic factor in the design is everywhere, I mean it’s literally on all the walls wherever you look. The walls are filled with happy faces, sad faces, they even have a western themed area.

The hotel themes vary from room to room, and are encouraging  the exploration of the amenities, which includes an amazing ice bar and a restaurant.

The Highest Igloo Hotel In The Alps

 “The interior design makes our guests speechless over and over again.”

The Highest Igloo Hotel In The Alps

Guests are also welcome to relax in an outdoors hot tub. Taking in consideration the low temperatures of the environment, visitors that stayed in the hotel claimed that inside the igloo is not as cold as they expected.

The Highest Igloo Hotel In The Alps

There are many more things to be excited for besides the ice sculpures, the highest igloo hotel making its visitors happy year after year.

In all the 10 igloos accommodation rooms, the visitors are provided with heated snow beds, sleeping bags and comfortable reindeer fur blankets.

The highest igloo hotel in the Alps, IgluLodge is currently open for guests to book two or four-person rooms through mid-April.

Make sure you let us know what you think of it and if you adventure yourself in booking a room at this amazing igloo hotel.

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