The Hustler Mindset

29 November 2014

The Hustler Mindset | 10 Tips and Tricks

The hustle or hustling is usually a thing associated with all the bad and wrong we see in society but today we would like to offer a change for the hustler mindset to help those who have good morals and need a boost in handling things.

Basically it originates in everything bad and notorious, from dealers behavior to cheaters mentality but it can be done by honest people too, without implicating a negative twist to it.

The hustle is a skill set which you can be born with or you can learn over the years as you try to reach your life goals.

Some successful people are known to be masters of this skill set and due to a great job they did, the rewards where bigger than usual.

The main theory is that success can be associated with hustling and most of the people who want something just do their best to get it and don’t wait for free opportunities.

Hustling means that you have an opportunity, can’t get it, but throw this way of life, you do anything necessary to take what you think it’s yours.

Taking out the intent of doing bad and driving the hustle game on to a set of goals and achievement that you want to do before 30 or before 40, you can easily adopt this mentality and be successful at what you intend to do.

10. Be dangerous

The hustler game is definitely a place where you have to gain respect and respect others, but the main thing is to be dangerous.

So as we earlier discussed we don’t need to do something bad and to be dangerous it doesn’t mean to be feared in the right way.

This concept refers to the part where everyone knows you are capable of something, doesn’t know your full potential and in the end they don’t have the guts to try you.

It’s like being dangerous but approachable, with an ace up your sleeve because you don’t have to show others your killer side all the time and which are your limits.

The hustler has the status he has built, gained respect for it but he is always there for you to talk and do business for example, the only thing different is that people know you aren’t a guy to mess with.

#10 Be Dangerous | The Hustler Mindset | 10 Tips And Tricks | Image Source: keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk
#10 Be Dangerous | The Hustler Mindset | 10 Tips And Tricks | Image Source: keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk
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