The Mini of the Yacht World – 28" Modern Vintage Yacht Features the Space of a 33" Yacht

11 November 2015

Check out the Mini of the Yacht World

“28 feet yacht with the space of 33 feet yacht” may sound incredible, but Taiwanese yacht ODM label Hyperlien Yacht – which prides itself in being the Mini of the yacht world – has confidently launched the 28 feet yacht Modern Vintage.

“Most yachts are limited by the space of the hull, thus they are either lacking in height or width. I believe that their designers have not seriously contemplated how to infinitely maximize the interior space.”

Having garnered numerous international design awards, Hyperlien Yacht design director Janus Huang proposes that, for example, although the Mini vintage car appears to be very “mini” on the outside, its interior space is comparable to cars on the market that are at least two sizes larger.

“It has taken space maximization to the extreme by relocating the wheels to the furthest corners of the car to increase internal space and some equipment are either stacked on top of one another or shared the same position.”


According to Janus Huang, to a layman, perhaps it is the 28 feet Modern Vintage that requires space maximization, but the user’s need for space is endless, therefore all five Hyperlien yachts have adopted the same design concept in creating relatively open spaces.


For over two decades, he has received countless awards for his interior design. Together with years of yachting experience, Janus Huang’s requirement toward yacht space is naturally higher than others. Modern Vintage is the culmination of three years of design and refinement, and it has become his ideal yacht.

“We employed relatively higher specifications to design the yacht’s interior from a spatial design perspective, and the level of quality that we have achieved was entirely unlike other similar yachts in the market.”


He emphasizes that in order to save space, many retractable or convertible equipment are used inside the yacht, and the space is precisely calculated to retain only the most essential items. “Generally, a yacht is equipped with a TV, but I find it strange why anyone would want to watch TV at sea?”

Consequently, Hyperlien yacht’s displays are only used to present information such as weather or navigational instruments. Only large screens are used to let the crew read vital information clearly at a glance.


“What the yacht design should pay attention to during a short or long journey is the psychological and physical comfort of those onboard the yacht,” says Janus Huang with a stern expression. Nespresso coffee machines and good sound systems are standard equipment on Hyperlien yachts with the purpose of providing the users with a relaxing, comfortable yachting experience.


Having won this year’s iF Design Award, Modern Vintage‘s fusion of classic and fashion – two seemingly clashing elements – is complemented by the smooth, elegant lines and colors of a vintage sports car, maximized cabin space and rare wings on both sides to catch the attention of many yacht enthusiasts.

“Modern Vintage will be officially revealed next year and I look forward to seeing the yacht soon!” Says Janus Huang expectantly.


More pictures: http://www.facebook.com/HPLYacht