Richest Diamond Owners Ever

7 January 2015

9. Fred Mouawad- $1.1 billion

Age: 44
Company: Mouawad
Country: Lebanese
The next diamond owner in our list is actually one of the brothers of Robert Fayez Mouawad, the 10th person in our list.

Fred Mouawad is one of the owners of the Mouawad jewelry company along with his two brothers.

The Mouawad Company designs, manufactures and sells jewelry collections, objects of art and luxury watches.

As the fourth-generation member of the Lebanese family, he is in charge with the diamond division of the company and is also the founder of Syneria One group of companies, which is involved in industries from jewelry retailing to food outlets.

He has generated a lot of attention when decided to purchase a 76.02 carat diamond, which once belonged to Archduke Joseph August of Austria.

Mouawad was the last person to bit for the diamond, which managed to sell for $21.48 million for it in a Christie’s auction to an anonymous buyer.

Richest Diamond Owners N9. Fred Mouawad- $1.1 billion
Richest Diamond Owners N9. Fred Mouawad- $1.1 billion |via: businessinsider.com|
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