Sexiest Hotel Bedroom In The World

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Sexiest Hotel Bedroom In The World

Do you ever wondered which is the Sexiest Hotel Bedroom in the world? Let’s find out together!

Today we are celebrating the New Year’s Eve, and I bet that a couple have rented the sexiest bedroom from this world . I’m very curious what makes it so sexy.

Inside the sexiest bedroom in the world, couples are greeted by a four-poster king-sized bed draped in light gossamer nets and a pair of exquisitely detailed pearl dressers.

The bright airy room with high ceilings and pure white elegance has made the Corfu Suite from Blakes Hotel London a favorite among honeymooning couples and caught the attention of boutique hotel specialists Mr and Mrs Smith, who named the French Provencal suite the world’s sexiest hotel bedroom.

To mark their tenth anniversary, the online booking site compiled a list of their favorite propertiesaround the world in categories such as best Smith hotel, sexiest bedroom and hottest hotel bar.

The Sexiest Hotel Bedroom In The World
The Sexiest Hotel Bedroom In The World


Room 505 at Blakes Hotel London  which bills itself as the first boutique hotel in the world  was designed by Anouska Hempel, a London-based hotelier and interior designer whose portfolio includes the flagship Louis Vuitton store in Paris and retail stores for Van Cleef and Arpels.

“There’s such a leap of imagination from the streets of London to the bedrooms of Blakes. They’re so exotic, elaborate and escapist. The perfect boudoir” said Mr&Mrs Smith’s head of curation Mary Garvin.

The Sexiest Hotel Bedroom In The World
The Sexiest Hotel Bedroom In The World
The Sexiest Hotel Bedroom In The World
The Sexiest Hotel Bedroom In The World


Sometimes, size does matter: a small bed is a deal-breaker in this category. Crucially, it has to be super-comfortable and dressed for the occasion, whether you favour crisp snow-white cotton or tactile linen or billowing drapery.


Even if tastes are not discussed a sense of decadence is still important. Are the finishes luxurious? The fabrics refined? It’s everything that caught your attention ?


Could you happily hole up here for a weekend? Is this somewhere you can shut the door and feel entirely alone together – a romantic retreat in the truest sense?


No stone has been left unturned here to ensure a great experience: the amenities are inspired, the minibar is thoughtfully stocked, and the bath is big enough for two.


The best hotel rooms don’t reveal everything straight away: they surprise you with alfresco showers, shutters that hide gob-smacking views, or cabinets containing top-notch tech.


Does this room have that indescribable special something? The Sexiest Bedroom in the World will have you falling in love – it’s good-looking, has bags of personality and is a natural charmer. GSOH is an appealing extra.

The Sexiest Hotel Bedroom In The World
The Sexiest Hotel Bedroom In The World

Does the pale, alabaster-themed Corfu Suite of London’s Blakes Hotel truly deserve the title of world’s sexiest hotel room? A panel oarf judges organized by boutique hotel booking site Mr & Mrs Smith seems to think so, as they choose it from a user-voted shortlist on account of its “sumptuous decor,” a “seductive air of serenity,” , a “bed you can’t leave,” an unelaborated-upon “element of intrigue,” and a mysterious “x-factor.” The judges are big names , and we are talking about : burlesque star Immodesty Blaze, Carnes, the president of lingerie brand Kiki, fashion blogger Garance Doré all of whom should be well-acquainted with the basic tenants of sexiness.

The Sexiest Hotel Bedroom In The World
The Sexiest Hotel Bedroom In The World

If you ask us, something about the twin mother-of-pearl-inlaid dressers, the faux-classical wall accents, and the tiny matching lamps comes off as a little His and Hers, a little too wedding anniversary to be overwhelmingly seductive, but given the other selections this suite seems like the sensible choice.

We hope you liked our article about the sexiest hotel bedroom in the world ! I would love to spent my New Year’s Eve night here, with my love, and I bet you too.

Kisses Irina

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