The Walking Dead Casts, How Do They Look Like in Real Life?

2 April 2016

You see them covered in dirt and blood on screen. See how The Walking Dead casts look like in luxury.

Are you ready for the extended Season Finale of The Walking Dead? Chills and goosebumps all around as we expect Negan to come. I can’t wait to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan join the list of The Walking Dead casts!

The Walking Dead is a TV series about the zombie post-apocalyptic world. So the actors and actresses are dressed up (or down) as if they are living in hell.

The Walking Dead casts spend most of their time at a remote and highly classified area of Georgia. Hence, we don’t see them hanging out at luxurious spots as often as other celebrities.

Take a look at these Walking Dead casts during their off screen time. You may not recognize them under those luxurious wear and make up. If you are not updated with the latest Walking Dead episodes, there may be spoilers ahead.

10. Tom Payne (as Paul “Jesus” Rovia)

From Dirt to Glamor: The Walking Dead Casts in Luxury Tom Payne Jesus
Tom Payne (Jesus) | source: tumblr.com

Let’s start the list with the newcomer among The Walking Dead cast. Tom Payne portrays Paul Rovia, also known as Jesus. A bad-ass living in other community called the Hilltop.

Jesus met Rick and Daryl during their scavenging routine. He took away their food truck. Yup, that is what happened when Jesus take the wheel.

Although they started off the wrong foot, they ended up trusting each other. Alexandria and Hilltop live side by side without any feud. Well, for now.

On screen, as Jesus, Tom Payne has long hair and full beard. Take them off him and you see this pretty boy in luxurious suit.

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