The Walking Dead Casts, How Do They Look Like in Real Life?

2 April 2016

9. Alanna Masterson (as Tara Chambler)

From Dirt to Glamor: The Walking Dead Casts in Luxury Alanna Masterson Tara
Alanna Masterson (Tara) | source: swipelife.com

Tara is a tomboy character. She ties her short hair back most of the time. She was involved with some other female characters from time to time (sorry, Boys).

Alanna Masterson is nothing like that. She just gave birth to a cute baby girl in November, 2015. Congratulation! However, Tara is not pregnant.

The makers of The Walking Dead managed to adjust Alanna’s screen time and stories to her pregnancy. She wore lose jacket and her close up shots were taken from the chest up. Tara is now on a two weeks scavenging run. A plot made to give her time with her newborn baby.

Without her ponytail and shabby jacket, she looks sweet and stunning! Throughout her career, Alanna gained $2 million dollars of net worth.

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