15 Fascinating Things Billionaires Are into These Days

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    If You Are a Billionaire, It Is Your Right to Spend Money on Cool Luxurious Stuff. Find Out What Billionaires Are into, These days.

    Hello Aluxers, the last few Sundays have been really deep into human nature, so we decided today to lighten the mood up and look into the life of billionaires.

    These folks have access to more money than they’ll ever need so we find it super interesting to see what they choose to focus on.

    Any smart individual understand that

    It’s just a matter of time before everything we perceive as a luxury today, ends up in the hands of the masses!

    It used to be that only rich people had personal drivers, then UBER & Lyft came. Same with private chefs, then postmates and Glovo showed up. 

    Use this list as a source for reflection and maybe add these in your future plans, for these dictate some trends and pinpoint industries that are going to blow up in the future.

    As usual, here is the video version of this article:

    Here are 15 things billionaires are into these days! 


    International Travel

    “How is international travel a thing you add on the list Alux?” – well, let us finish!

    The covid pandemic has been a once in a lifetime opportunity for super wealthy individuals to travel the world without the overwhelming amount of tourists.

    Never before could someone with even middle-of-the-game fame, go stand in front of the Eiffel tower and not be bombarded by fans or worse, have their lives potentially threatened. 

    Now with covid, the sites are empty, the face is covered by the facemask so you can move freely and unbothered. The super low number of tourists allows you to take it all in a way you will probably never be able to again.

    The life of Billionaires and the super rich were not affected by lockdowns. You might not know this, but almost every government out there made full exceptions for business travelers, because they wanted the rich to keep traveling while everyone else is in the lockdown.

    But travelling doesn’t stop here.

    If you are planning on traveling during the ongoing pandemic, check out 15 Countries You Can Visit Without COVID Restrictions.


    Interplanetary Travel

    Now we’re getting into the good stuff. 

    Yep, we all know Billionaires love rockets! It’s just something about shooting phallus shaped pieces of metal carrying your name up into the sky.

    Branson has made a lot of progress on his space restaurant and hotel side of virgin galactic. Elon is taking a Chinese billionaire and his squad around the moon in 2023 and Jeff just announced that Blue Origin will begin space sightseeing service very soon. 

    We are witnessing a massive resurgence of space investments. The extremely rich see space as unexplored territory with tremendous amounts of value to be extracted from it. 

    If we’ve learned one thing in all these years is that 

    Humanity follows the money!

    Wherever there’s money to be made, there will be development, so we’re excited to see the world from a distance in the next decade.


    Juiced up Cocktails & Supplements 

    We’re not talking about “Raw water” and these kinds of Silicon Valley overpriced fads.

    With the pandemic upon us, the billionaires took their health and life incredibly seriously so they put money towards it. 

    Every rich individual we know is on supplements right now and mixing it up with an array of other chemical cocktails that are meant to improve their well being as well as their cognitive ability.

    Nootropics and brain enhancing drugs have been available for a while now, but it seems that more recently there’s been a lot of underground progress in terms of what they can actually deliver. 

    Everyday we’re getting closer to getting that Limitless pill and of course the rich will be the first to reap the benefits.


    Life-Prolonging Chambers

    Imagine our shock when in the timeframe of 1 week we’ve seen not one, but two cranes carrying hyperbaric chambers up to the penthouse apartments of our neighbors. Everyone rich is getting one. 

    Breakthrough research has shown that hyperbaric chambers stop aging by fixing the regenerative function of the body and it improves libido. These aren’t as expensive as you think with the average ones being around 20,000 dollars. 

    Mix that with a sauna and a cryotherapy chamber and you’ve got the trifecta when it comes to health.


    Deep Meditation & Ayahuasca Sessions

    Stressful times require more attention to dealing with stress.

    You already know that 4 out of 5 successful people have a daily meditation practice going on in their lives, but we’ve see a spike in the interest towards deep-introspective meditations such as the ones we’ve made available with Mind Mastery almost 2 years ago.

    It’s like having a therapist and a performance coach mixed together while you’re destressing. 

    We strongly encourage you to follow the footsteps of billionaires and try meditation to improve your life, there are plenty of free resources out there to get you started. If you don’t want to waste time and get straight to the good, valuable, stuff, go to alux.com/meditation right now. Use promo-code ALUXER at checkout and get a 25% discount on Mind Mastery.

    If you are not blown away by the experience, we’ll give you all your money back under the 60 day guarantee, no questions asked.

    Back to our billionaire folks! With meditation on lock, they’re all looking for that next deeper layer. Many have discovered Ayahuasca in the last 48 months, as a life changing experience. 

    We’re in the very early stage of transitioning drugs that focus on psychological healing, personal growth and expanding consciousness into the mainstream and it seems that ayahuasca is probably going to be the one to break through.



    We’ve always been fascinated by people who build bunkers and it doesn’t come as a shock that most billionaires have one for themselves in their life. At the end of the day, if you can afford it, why wouldn’t you?!

    There’s even hope for the mere millionaires, where companies have been creating large scale underground developments that can accommodate up to 5000 people where one can ride out the apocalipse if it comes to it.

    We made a fascinating video on the details of some of these bunkers which you can check out: 



    Did you know Bill Gates is the largest farmland owner in the US? – at least until the divorce settles-

    His focus is on the next food generation wave coming very soon and they’ve been continuously buying farmland for a while now.

    There’s going to be a big revolution in the way we mass-produce and distribute food, especially in terms of sustainability. The problem arises when most of the food producing land is in the hands of a very few individuals. 

    Other billionaires like Ted Turner also own massive ranches. Bezos owns 420,000 acres of land as well.

    But the Tech money doesn’t stop with ranches and farmland, they want future proof… well, their future.



    Hawaii is the go to destination of Island-land purchases amongst the super-rich.

    Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison bought 98% of Lanai in 2012 for an estimated $300 million. Is it weird that 300 million for 98% of a massive landmass in Hawaii doesn’t sound like a lot of money? That’s inflation for you!

    Mark Zuckerberg is scooping up more property on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

    The rich are turning the region into their safe haven. It’s close enough to the mainland, but far enough that it’s not easy to get to it. 

    New-Zealand is also a preferred destination for those looking to secure themselves on an island with prices moving up consistently.



    With global warming being a massive issue and no clear end in sight, it’s best to have as many escape options to save your life as possible, so the billionaires are looking more and more towards mega-yachts. 

    These are basically skyscrapers flipped on the side that float. Basically, it can accommodate everyone you love and everything you love.

    We keep mentioning Jeff because he’s been making some moves recently and came under fire for spending 400 million on a megayacht. We have no problem seeing billionaires living life and buying expensive things. Tens of thousands of people will be working on the production of the yacht, so that money will go to their families.

    The fact that the mega-yacht needs it’s own mini-yacht, is kinda hilarious tho’


    Store of Value Crypto

    Everyone is looking towards crypto as a digital safe haven for wealth.

    It’s crazy that you can put 1 billion dollars on a usb stick, put it in your pocket and leave the country with it. It’s the same with NFTs. If the proverbial shit hits the proverbial fan, what will you do with all your art? 

    Unless you’re ready to put it all on shipping containers or hide it in your bunker, you will need to act fast. With NFTs, you put all your artwork on the same USB with your billions of dollars and get at it. You don’t even need the USB stick as long as you remember you blockchain private keys. 

    The less educated look at crypto as a speculative game, while the billionaires look at it from the perspective of securing their wealth during their life.

    More recently Elon Musk – who owns a ton of bitcoin himself – said tesla will not accept Bitcoin as a payment method due to electrical cost concerns of running the network. 

    People think the cost of electricity is there to mine new bitcoins, when in reality, that very little cost is there to protect the 2.3 trillions of dollars of wealth. 

    Also, don’t get us started on the carbon footprint of fiat. 

    If you’re under the age of 40 years old, you will live in a future where blockchain technology will be in everything. There will come a day, when all your wealth will be measured in a store of value crypto, most likely Bitcoin. 

    We strongly encourage all our community to begin educating themselves on the topic. We made a course that’s perfect for the complete beginners that gets you up and running in the shortest possible time frame. Go to alux.com/bitcoin right now and look into it. As the same with the Mind Mastery course, if you use the promo code: ALUXER you will get 25% OFF at checkout. 

    The crypto revolution has already began and it’s still in the super early stages. 


    Brain Machine Interfaces

    We want digital copies of our brains to live on after we die. 

    In order to do that, there are multiple technological leaps that need to happen. 

    We’re not sure you’ve seen Neuralink’s recent demo. Basically they put a chip inside a monkey’s brain and trained it to play pong only using its brain. 

    The future is now old man!

    There are many billionaires putting a ton of money into basically transforming ourselves into cyborgs during our life. 

    The story of the brain machine interface doesn’t stop with output and that’s where things get super crazy. The moment we begin uploading information to the neocortex, the entire human species will artificially change. 

    How cool would it be to be able to use the entire internet as your memory?!



    Cryogenics is focused on preserving the human body long enough that technology eventually is able to restart its functionality. 

    The life of billionaires is so different. Walt Disney is on ice right now, hoping that someday he will be brought back to life.

    Cryogenics has suffered a spike in interest in the recent years but for a different reason. Long space flights.

    You know how in sci-fi movies people get in pods and sleep while the spaceship travels through space? Well.. we haven’t cracked that one yet, so super-smart people are going at it full steem ahead. 

    If we are to become an intergalaxy species, we need to be able to preserve the human body for as long as possible.


    Virtual Worlds

    We’ve had a very exciting talk with one of our richest billionaire friends about the future of humanity and one thing that we realised is just how big of an impact virtual worlds will have on long-term time horizons. 

    Here us out: If we become an interplanetary species, with humankind having colonies all over the universe.. What will connect us? How will we interact with one-another in the most effective way. It will be through virtual worlds. 

    We will all connect to the same virtual world and meet each other there. That’s where we will transact, that’s where we will own land and conduct business. We’re closing in on a new realm of humanity. 

    We’re keeping a very close eye on Decentraland and what’s happening over there.


    Dopamine Fasting

    It’s ironic and almost paradoxical that the people who are building the most addictive cheap-dopamine platforms are into dopamine fasting.

    Dopamine fasting is about removing yourself from anything that creates pleasure for a period of time. Sex, food, friends, technology, social media, games, entertainment or even casual conversations.

    We look at it as:

    Being bored on purpose!

    All you’re left with is yourself. You can walk, drink water, meditate and maybe write down what you’re feeling.

    Honestly, we are all up for some mindfulness and the idea of being still, but we don’t see it as something we will be picking up for the rest of our life. We’d rather kick social media to the side and go hiking with friends.



    Dunno if you’ve been paying attention to the news, but Billionaire is getting divorced. 

    Somehow the wealthy have realised that they have so much money they no longer care about how much money they’re gonna lose in the divorce.

    What’s the point in staying in a loveless marriage anyway? Especially if you want to find love again.

    Here’s an interesting observation:

    If we look at the top 5 richest people in the world right now, 4 out of 5 have gone through a divorce. Bezos – check, Elon – Check, Bernard – check. Now Bill Gates is going through it.

    Which leaves us looking suspiciously at Mark Zuckerberg. 

    We’ve broken down the reasons why most billionaires are getting divorced in a dedicated video which you can check out.

    Contrary to everyone else, the super wealthy have gotten a lot weather in the last 24 months since the pandemic started and we’re expecting a post-pandemic industrial boom to happen soon with all that wealth being deployed towards emerging projects and markets.


    So we’re asking you: What is your take on all of this? Which of these projects excite you the most? This is a conversation of the community and we can’t wait to hear from you in the comments!

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