7 Things Every Girl Should Do Before Settling Down

21 March 2016

7 Things Every Girl Should Do Before Settling Down

Every woman dreams of finding someone who will love her unconditionally. However, that will take some time. There are some things every girl should do before settling down in order to be 100% committed in a future relationship.

You will never be able to truly love someone until you learn to love yourself. You have to find your true self first, or else you will be in a continuous state of confusion and you will make not only your life harder but also your partner’s life.

So, do things that will help you get to know yourself better. Experience things that you will rarely or even never experience again once you settle down. Live your life before you start living for your children.

Here’s a list of 7 things every girl should do before settling down.

1.Travel with your best friends

You should go on an adventure with your best friends at least once before you settle down. Take advantage of this opportunity while you still can because once children come along you’ll never be able to do that again (well, at least not until they go to University).

Have fun with your girls, spend as much time as you can together while you are still young and don’t have to take care of your family. Enjoy your youth and be there for your friends.

Believe me, these will be the days you will always think about. Life is short so do everything when it should be done. The time you spend being away with your best friends can be very eye-opening and it will surely help you get to know yourself a little bit better

7 Things Every Girl Should Do Before Settling Down | Elbert Hubbard
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2. Get your heart broken

Heartbreak is one of the most terrible things out there but it’s necessary to experience it once in your life. Although at first it might seem like the end of your world, it’s not. It will help you grow and you will learn so much from it.

Heartbreak will help you figure out what you should look for in a future relationship and will also teach you how important love is and that you should never take it for granted.

Give yourself enough time to heal – do things you love, go out, spend time with your loved ones. Then, get back on the track because life is about learning from your mistakes, not obsessing over them.

7 Things Every Girl Should Do Before Settling Down | Angelina Jolie
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3. Complete your education

No one says that you can’t do that after you settle down but it surely is much more exhausting and complicated. If you focus on your studies before settling down you will be able to be 100% committed to the relationship. You won’t have to worry about your partner or children while you are trying to study for your exams.

Completing your education will make you an independent woman who knows that she can do just fine without a man. After all, no one can take away your knowledge. Learn as much as you can, it’s never enough. You will thank yourself later.

7 Things Every Girl Should Do Before Settling Down | J.P. Sartre
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4. Spend time with your family

It’s no secret that once you settle down you start to focus more on your new life than on your “old” one. And this is okay. However, you should never give up on your family because you are in a relationship.

Even though you might think that you know who your partner truly is, you could be wrong. If you find yourself in that position it might be too late to apologize to your family. Don’t take your family for granted, don’t think that you could always go back to them and that everything will be fine. Life is short.

Spend time with them. Travel with your parents and siblings. Make memories. Family is the most precious gift of all. They are the ones who truly love you no matter what.

7 Things Every Girl Should Do Before Settling Down |Henry Miller
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5. Be alone for a while

Live alone. Get to know yourself a little bit better. When you are alone you can do whatever you want. Find out what you love and do it often. You will never be able to love someone if you don’t know and love yourself first. Keep that in mind!

Being alone does not mean not talking to anyone. It means that you take just enough time to find yourself. Cook if and when you want to, watch whatever you want to watch, decorate your home how you want. You will rarely be able to do that after you decide it’s finally time to settle down.

 7 Things Every Girl Should Do Before Settling Down | James M. Barrie
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6. Find the job you love

This is very important. Once you settle down you will have to provide for your family. I bet you don’t want to be stuck with a job you hate. If you don’t like your job, quit it. You still have time.

Find the best job for you based on the things you are good at and you enjoy doing. Don’t settle with a job you hate just because it pays better. You will suffer later. It’s just like Confucius said : “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

7 Things Every Girl Should Do Before Settling Down | Albert Schweitzer
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7. Learn to accept people as they are

If you constantly want to change your partner, that relationship is doomed. Everyone is different and this is what makes us special and unique. Don’t force your partner to be like you.

If you love someone, you must accept their strengths and weaknesses. You would not change your principles and beliefs for someone else so why force others to do so?

 7 Things Every Girl Should Do Before Settling Down | George Orwell
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We hope you enjoyed or list of 7 things every girl should do before settling down! Ladies, do you have something else to add? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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