15 Things Money CAN’T Buy

18 March 2018

Here are the real 15 things money can’t buy – and how to still get them!

We’ve been meaning to do this list for a while now and the truth is, there are very very few things money can’t buy. Believe us, it was an actual struggle to come up with these 15 things.

This is mostly because we wanted to go a bit deeper than what you’ll find on existing videos, article or books.

People love to throw around the idea that money can’t buy certain things, but if you really boil it down, money can get it for you or at least get you as close to it as possible so you can get it yourself.

We’ve spend hours upon hours in research finding incredibly dull lists that we easily disproved so we had to look even deeper within ourselves to create a list that we can stand behind.

The truth is, most of the things we’ll be mentioning here are bi-products of experiences and money can buy experiences. So be very very careful when someone says money can’t buy something, because it might not be true.

Yet, we’re proud to say we’ve figure a few things out that nobody else seems to mention.

We even did a video on the topic if you just want to watch it:

To the best of our ability, here are 15 things money can’t buy directly.

Number 1: A Purpose
Very few people have a purpose in life, with most just cruising ahead in life like a stick that floats on water moved by the current.

A purpose is the answer to one of the deepest questions a human can ask himself: Why am I alive? Why am I here?

The beauty is that you can have a purpose even if you’re rich or poor, because it doesn’t depend on your financial situation. Having a purpose in life is free.

With that said, we’d like to mention that it is better to have money once you have a purpose than to be a poor person with a purpose, because most of the time, you’ll need tools to make it happen.

Find your purpose Aluxers, look deep within yourselves and find it! Life will make sense afterwards.

1 things money can't buy - a purpose
1 things money can’t buy – a purpose

Number 2: True Friendship
Real friendship is another one of those things that it’s available to both the rich and poor, but to our surprise it’s a lot more difficult to find a real friend when you’re rich than when you’re poor.

True friendship comes from the idea that someone is willing to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of the other.

One of the traits that predicts success in life is one’s ability to prioritize his own self over those around him which clashes with the deep meaning of true friendship.

2 things money can't buy true friendship
2 things money can’t buy true friendship

This doesn’t mean the rich can’t have true friends, but when evaluating someone you need to take into account ulterior motives that do not factor in when you’re poor.

Number 3: A Home
Money can buy you a house, but it can’t buy you a home.

A home, comes with a deep sense of belonging.

The reason why money can’t buy you a home is that, a home is not a material thing and it isn’t an experience either. It’s something incredibly strange.

To the best of our understanding, a home is a state a mind shared with the people you care most about while being around each other in a place that has a large amount of sentimental value invested in it.

You build a home by living, by being happy, by being sad and overtime certain places start to feel like home.

3 things money can't buy - a home
3 things money can’t buy – a home

Number 4: A better past
This is one of those weird paradoxes where you can buy an amazing present for someone else which will eventually turn into an amazing past, but one can not do it for himself.

Please take a minute to think about this!

You can actively create amazing pasts for other people, but you can not do it retroactively upon yourself.

One needs to live with the past he had up to the point he decides to live a better present.

When we built Alux we wanted a place where people would be inspired by the finer things life has to offer to the point that they would decide for themselves to live a better life than they would have otherwise.

We really hope that after this video ends, you’ll decide to live a better present, because at some point in your future, this will be your past and you will have wished you would have experienced life more.

4 things money can't buy - a better past
4 things money can’t buy – a better past

Number 5: Happiness
Let’s get this out of the way:

In order for a person to reach their maximum potential he should be able to carefully differentiate between happiness and pleasure, because they aren’t the same thing, yet so many people confuse them.

Pleasure is achievable through substances and behaviours while happiness is experienced through interpersonal connection, through your ability to cope with the world around us.

While most people seek pleasure and try to avoid pain, happiness doesn’t come from external sources, but from internal ones.

Happiness is experienced subjectively different, but if we were to try to generalize, happiness is when your expectations match your reality based on things you have no control over.

Happiness is available in the same amount to both the rich and poor, the difference is the rich afford to purchase pleasure in larger amounts than the poor do.

If you’re struggling with happiness, a while back we did an incredible video called 15 Reasons Why You are Not Happy which we strongly recommend you watch.

It will make you think about happiness in a way you have not done before.

5 things money can't buy happiness
5 things money can’t buy happiness

Number 6: Real Trust
People don’t trust other people by default. In order for us to trust each other we have to share multiple communalities.

Again, like many of the things we’ve mentioned on this list, trust isn’t something tangible or something that you can accurately pinpoint, because the real meaning of trust changes depending on the circumstances.

Even in nature, a gazelle doesn’t trust a lion by default no matter how successful the lion is at being a lion.

Lions don’t trust other lions that might try to overtake their position in order to mate with the lioness.
But sometimes, lions do trust other lions. This happens when an outcome cannot be achieved without the cooperation of all the parties, for example when they’re hunting large game.

Trust is the expectation that someone else will behave in a particular way in order to generate a positive return for you.

We didn’t use the lions example by accident, think of lions and how they behave. If animals are capable of cooperation and betrayal in order to further their own agenda, think of what people are willing to do since we’re capable of more complex stratagems.

6 things money can't buy real trust
6 things money can’t buy real trust

Number 7: Inner Peace
What is inner peace and how do you get it anyway?

We checked the most common resources and they say it is the “deliberate state of psychological or spiritual calm despite the potential presence of stressors”

Which translates to keeping it cool even if it ain’t all rainbows and sunshine in your life.

After a couple of hours of digging into this subject alone and consulting with our inner circle we define inner peace as: the state of emotional equilibrium, where you’ve made peace with your past, you live in the present and you have good grasp of what is ahead of you.

You understand your reality and you don’t let it control you.

The beautiful think is, once again, it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, inner peace is equally achievable by both parts. It’s something you need to take care of, yourself. The choices you’ve made, the mistakes you’ve made, you’re the one who needs to forgive yourself and strive for better.

We hope more of you will take the time to reflect whether or not you are at peace with yourself. You are your greatest asset and once you understand yourself, you’re going to have a huge advantage in life.

7 things money can't buy inner peace
7 things money can’t buy inner peace

Number 8: True Loyalty
It’s so so hard to find loyal people that it almost seems unreal when you do.

Loyalty is a weird beast, a beast that you don’t tame nor have any type of control over it, but because it decides so, it will help you achieve your goals.

Loyalty is hard to come by no matter your financial status. The poor aren’t loyal because they want to stop being poor and the rich are willing to sacrifice loyalty in order to get even richer.

Remember what we discussed earlier about the lions? This works on a layer on top of that.
Partial loyalty can be purchased, but it comes at an expense. For example, you pay your lawyer really well to protect you vs protecting your competitor. As long as the pipe is flowing, you have partial loyalty.

We call it partial, because you need to trade for it. The moment the pipe stops flowing, that perceived loyalty is gone.

True loyalty is when somebody is willing to protect you without anything in exchange.

Not even dogs are truly loyal and we love dogs.

8 things money can't buy true loyalty alux
8 things money can’t buy true loyalty

Number 9: More time with those who passed away
We found it odd that on the thousands of list all over the internet, there was nobody mentioning this.

It doesn’t matter how rich you are, you can’t add more time to those whose time has already ended.

It’s one of those things that puts life into perspective. Be grateful for the people you have around you, be grateful for your parents that struggled to get you in the position you are today, no matter what position that is. Be grateful and make sure they know it.

It’s not going to be long and the day will come when they’re no longer going to be around and you’d have wished you had a few more hours with them.

Remember this the next time you think you’re too busy to show the people you care most about how much they mean to you.

You only have a small window to show them how important they are to you, don’t let time slip Aluxers.

9 things money can't buy more time with the dead alux
9 things money can’t buy more time with the dead

Number 10: The Love of someone who doesn’t love you
This is a tricky one, because poor people love to throw around that: MONEY DOESN’T BUY LOVE! Well, neither does being poor. It’s their form of saying, that we’re all the same despite the difference in our bank accounts.

The truth is, that is false. Get ready ALUXERS, because this is about the change your world:

MONEY CAN BUY LOVE! But not the love of someone who is not open to loving you.

Let’s dive a little bit into how money can buy love, because we know you guys freaked out when we said this.

What makes a person fall in love with someone else? There are multiple factors out of which the most common are: a sense of similarity, familiarity with the other person which builds trust, desirable characteristic as well as social influence and filling one’s needs.

Money can play a major role in offering someone the security to be true to self and a pathway to fulfilling their desires and potential which floods the brain with just the right chemicals to fall in love. Give that relationship time to blossom and you’ve got yourself the perfect garden of ingredients for a loving relationship.

As long as the two candidates check a minimum amount of boxes and are willing to evolve together, money is an accelerator for love. Think of money as gasoline and those basic instincts as flaming tinder.

The problem is, where there isn’t that initial flame. It doesn’t matter how much gasoline you pour on it, it’s not going to start a fire without the spark.

10 things money can't buy love of someone who doesn't love you alux
10 things money can’t buy love of someone who doesn’t love you

So, still think Love is one one of those things money can’t buy?

Number 11: The Truth
Truth is difficult as well, because there are multiple forms of truth. Many people think that their truth is the real truth and everybody else is sharing around a false truth. Just take a look at religion. People are even willing to slaughter each other because they’re willing to defend an a story which might not even be real only because they believe it is.

The actual real truth always comes from what in science we call: FIRST PRINCIPLES. Which dives as deep as possible to the core of facts to where there is no more room for debate.

Truth cannot be purchased, because it isn’t something you can own, it’s just something you can observe.

But what you CAN purchase, is the version of the truth that fits your agenda. People will accept it as the universal truth and unknowingly will aid you in your conquest.

Always question what you think are truths, because truth is always changing as new information which was previously unavailable surfaces. Your ability to understand new truths and adjust your course of action depending on them will leverage life to your advantage or if you don’t, you’ll simply get left behind.

11 things money can't buy the truth alux
11 things money can’t buy the truth

Number 12: The ability to not feel pain – or any emotion for that matter.
The poor and the rich might live different lives, might face different struggles, but at least up to this point, our biology is still the same. The rich have yet to find ways to augment it.

When someone you love dies, the pain you feel is authentic and unrelated to the color of your credit card.

The pain a poor man feels when he’s fired from a factory because he’s being replaced by a robot is the same as the one a rich trader feels when an AI is taking his job. They’re both experiencing the same feeling of uncertainty about the future, about how to best protect their families and it will keep both of them up at night.

Empathy & Feelings in general have evolved in homo sapiens as a survival instinct when we had to fight for our lives.

Today those same feelings are starting to make us  in the marketplace and a lot of money is being poured into this industry so it might not be long until we have to cut this one off the list, but until then, it’s true.

12 things money can't buy immunity from pain
12 things money can’t buy immunity from pain

Number 13: A meaningful apology
Of course you can constraint people to apologize using money, you can even use that money to buy yourself what you believe to be justice, but there are a couple of nuanced things that money can’t buy in this department.

One of them is a meaningful apology. An apology that comes from the heart where the one addressing it has truly accepted and understood the harm he or she has caused you and emotionally and intellectually regrets doing so.

Be careful of those you have around you Aluxers, because people no longer value words, they’ll do anything, say anything to get just one step ahead.

This is a muscle you can train throughout the years and if you do you’ll always have an edge against someone who’s trying to play you.

13 things money can't buy a meaningful apology
13 things money can’t buy a meaningful apology

Number 14: Forgiveness
This goes hand in hand with the previous number. There are several types of harm one can cause to another which can not be forgiven.

Of course you can be forgiven for breaking someone’s TV by buying him a new one, but that’s not what we’re talking about here and we think you know it.

No matter how much money you have, you won’t be able to buy someone’s forgives for damage so deep that can never be returned to the original state.

This should make you a lot more careful with your actions. As an Aluxer, in life you will achieve success and power, but yield it carefully, because sometimes the damage inflicted onto others is reflected back onto you and you have to live with it.

14 things money can't buy forgiveness
14 things money can’t buy forgiveness

Number 15: Eternal Life – At least not Yet
Mortality! This crucial commonality shared by all the social statuses.

For millennia, this has been the cherry on top when it comes to the satisfaction of the poor, that no matter the life they lived and no matter how rich you are you’re facing the same destination as everyone else: DEATH

Money can’t buy you eternal life. The ultimate proof that we are all basically the same at our core.

Unfortunately for the poor, this is about to change and it’s gonna happen in a not so distant future.

100 years ago, the average life expectancy at birth around the world was 31 years. This might sound unbelievable, but it’s true.

In the last 100 years we’ve seen a 150% increase in life expectancy and technology is approaching a point where the increase will no longer be linear but exponential.

We are on the verge of immortality. We’re currently working on 3rd printing organs, creating artificial bodies and trying to understand how consciousness works so we can transfer it from our biological brain into an artificial one.

As we’ve seen with all technologies, at first they are extremely expensive and who’s got the money to afford it? The rich do.

By the time your kids will reach your current age, the first person to live forever would have been already born.

15 things money can't buy immortality eternal life alux
15 things money can’t buy immortality eternal life

Once that happens, we can clear number 15 off the list as well.

If you wanna check the other side of the coin, we also did a video on the things money CAN buy:

We know this was a roller coaster of an article and we hope you’ve been taking notes, otherwise we recommend you go through the list once more.
We’re curious to know, what would you add to this list of things money can’t buy? Leave your suggestions in the comments.