15 Things You’re Overspending On

14 August 2021

Have You Been Spending a Lot of Money Lately on Unimportant Things? We Are Here to Help You Out.

One thing about the baller lifestyle of the wealthy is – the money in the bank is what backs the lifestyle.

Before the boats, came a solid wealth portfolio – and your fastest route to wealth is only to spend what you need to.  

For this reason we compiled this list of 15 things you’re possibly over spending on so you can hold on to your moolah. 

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The Latest Version of Products

The reason most people upgrade is because great marketing campaigns tell them that they need the latest product tweaks. Yet we all know that launch prices are inflated and quickly drop. Wait until the product has been on the market a while and it will cost less.

What you’ll already know from our “Old Money” video is that the real wealthy only upgrade when they have to. Why not adopt the billionaire mindset now for your future status.



Textbooks aren’t exactly a choice expense, but they are really expensive. Unless you are a highlighter addict, then you don’t need a brand new or paper version. 

Many textbooks are distributed online for free or much less in digital format. Don’t forget to sell your textbooks once you are done, very few of them are needed for future reference especially in your undergrad years. 


Weddings / Baby Showers / Gender Reveals / Stork Party / Etc

 Oh wow has social media fanned the hype on these events. These types of parties have become big business, taking advantage of anyone wanting to one-up their peers with more elaborate proposals, showers and gender reveal spectacles.

The truth is that it does nothing to secure your marriage, or determine your baby’s future, what can help is money in the bank. 


Owning and Driving a Car

 It is drummed into us that owning a car is mandatory to arrive as a… certain status. That’s debatable, but what is certain is that from the first mile, your car is costing you more than you realise.

It’s important for future billionaires to keep their eye on the prize. Putting $1,000 a month or more towards a car that doesn’t offer any returns isn’t efficient spending. 


University Education

 Like car owning, another status symbol we have been sold on, is a university education. 

At Alux, you know we believe there are many paths to the top, and university is only one way to get the knowledge you need. In fact we summarised it for you Top 10 Most Useful Online Courses That Are FREE

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On the Go Drinks

 Bottled water and take away coffees are two of the most overpriced everyday spending habits of many people.Saving alone won’t make you rich, how you use your money will however.

Fill up a reusable water bottle and make coffee at home or the office and put that $1,000 a year saving into your wealth portfolio. 


Unnecessary Life Insurance

Life insurance is a grudge purchase, but necessary if you have loans or dependants. Buying just what you need at that time of your life is the work of a good financial manager. If your other policies will cover your home loan so that your family is fine, then you can lower your monthly life insurance. If your family circumstances change, or children graduate or leave home you should reassess your needs. 

Shop around, life insurance won’t buy you happiness, but it will buy you peace of mind. 


Cleaning Products

Cleaning products have become so over simplified and packaged that you don’t even have to bother measuring them, just use a pod. Every surface of your home has a specially formulated product that adds to the lily of the valley, lemon and linen fresh mix of scents in your home.

The truth is that you’re being duped. Most of the ingredients are the same, and if you boil them down to the common denominator, which is probably ammonia, furniture wax or bleach you will find that you are completely over spending and over complicating.

Once you are done de-cluttering and saving money under your kitchen sink, then take a walk over to your bathroom cabinets, we have something to talk about in a bit.


Brand Medicines

Don’t get sucked into the big marketing budgets of big names in pharmaceuticals. Often all you’re paying for is their bigger marketing budgets, there is no quality difference in the product. 

Always ask your pharmacists what generic medicine is available. If you need something for a symptom instead of asking for a drug by name, ask the pharmacist for a recommendation for the symptom. Let them offer you all the options available.

They will help you understand if there are any known side effects, after all they’re the experts.


Paid Apps

 Did you sign up for a free trial, didn’t use the app but forget to unsubscribe and now you’re paying monthly? 

Or if you use a paid app, are you certain there isn’t an app out there that doesn’t have the same functions and is free? What cost a premium last year is often freely available this year.



Grocery shopping is a minefield for falling victim to over spending. If you can get in and out of a store with only what you went in for, then you are a shopping ninja. Shopping carts, placing big brands at eye level and nostalgia are all tactics to help you part with your money.

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Now onto that bathroom cabinet situation I mentioned.


Personal Care Products for Every Unique Part of You

 There was a time, not long ago, that there were just two products that kept people clean from head to toe. This wonder product did the work of every specialised product you have cluttering up your bathroom.

What is this wonder product? Well the good old fashioned face cloth and soap. Follow this with a lather of any moisturiser and you’ll have most bases covered. Wrinkle free skin starts with suncream and ends with what you put into your body, not what eye cream you put onto established wrinkles.


Extended Warranties

Don’t get conned into adding on the $40 warranty extension when you buy electronics or appliances.Check to see if it’s worth it in the first place. If you have insurance you’re mostly covered, and if it breaks in the first 6 to 12 months, it should be covered under the usual standard warranty.

We always recommend insurance to protect items you can’t afford to just replace. Check with your credit card provider what warranties they provide free when using their card for the purchase.  



Designer pets are one thing that’s easy to splurge on. While breed-lovers want you to believe that this assures you a certain personality type, that’s not a guarantee they can give. 

Breeding when it’s done improperly is also cruel, and takes the opportunity away from an existing shelter pet who will love and adore you just as much as a designer labradoodle. Adopting fees cost very little in comparison to mail order dogs, and you can even find the breed you want. 

Once you have your pet it’s tempting to buy into all the pet accessory hype, but really a bowl is a bowl, a bed is a bed and keeping your pet fed, warm and dry doesn’t need to follow a colour scheme. They are just happy when you are happy. 


Kindle Books

E-books are expensive, but they don’t need to be. And you don’t even need a Kindle to read books designed for the device. The Kindle app is available for download on your PC or phone. Then you can do a simple search for “free Kindle books” and you will see how many there are at your fingertips. With all this money saving you’ve been doing you can afford to relax and read a book for the afternoon. 

If you want more free books, check out 15 Most Valuable Books You Can Read for Free.


What are you most guilty of over spending on? Be honest! 

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