10 Things Powerful Women Want in a Relationship

8 March 2016


Powerful women won’t start a relationship with someone who is not as determined as they are. A relationship is a two-way street and you both need to know what you want.

Also, no powerful woman would be with someone who believes that his priorities are more important than hers. Keep that in mind.

If only one is determined to work hard in order to achieve success, the other one won’t understand. For example, if your partner is not keen on becoming successful himself he won’t ever understand why you prefer to work on weekends too sometimes. And this leads to nothing good.

Equality is very important. If both partners know what they want and have their own dreams they will make a dream team.  Powerful women are human beings too, so they have their bad days.  If her partner is hard-working too, he will know how to lift her spirits. This way, she won’t go through a disappointment alone because she will have someone by her side who knows how it feels and also knows that this too shall pass.

10 Things Powerful Women Want in a Relationship | Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt via quotes.lifehack.org

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