15 Little Things That Tell You a Lot about Someone

3 June 2021

You Can Get to Know a Lot about Someone Simply by Observing Their Habits. Find Out What These Habits Tell about That Person.

We all have habits, traits or characteristics that steer us clear of certain people. These can be the obvious, like someone who just speaks loudly ALL THE TIME, or a person that tends to end off each sentence like a question?

And these little things tell us something about a person, so we’ve got 15 more Little Things That Tell You A LOT About Someone.

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With that said, let’s move forward with the article.


How They Treat Their Mother

We’re sure you’ve met people that have treated their mothers with such disrespect that you feel yourself cringing with embarrassment. Not only does this behaviour say a lot about that person, but it also says a lot about the mother.

And while we don’t know the background to every mother / child relationship, we can agree that treating a parent with disrespect is not a good look for anybody.


How They Speak about and to Other People

There’s a Turkish proverb that says, “Who Gossips to you, will gossip of you.” And Aluxers, this is another bad personality trait, people who speak badly about other people are toxic and not the kind of people you want to hang out with.

It’s not always that obvious either. There are many subtle ways that people will break someone else down.

Here is an example:

You’re in a group of people and someone asks if you’ve read a certain book. You reply that you haven’t, and their response is, I can’t believe you haven’t read that book… everyone has read it.

It’s a little thing, but that sort of comment makes that person feel bad and it says a lot about the person making it.


Whether Their Behaviour Changes When They’re around Different People

We all know people like this… they’re like Jekyl and Hyde depending on who they’re socializing with. And Aluxers, we’re not speaking about small personality shifts – that’s perfectly normal. You’re not going to be slapping your book club members on the back after they’ve finished a good novel, but you’re certainly going to slap your soccer team members on the back when they’ve scored a goal.

But when you don’t know which personality is going to meet you at different social settings, it tells you a lot about that person.

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How They React When Someone Else Does Well

You won’t need to try hard to imagine this scenario.

Someone says, “Did you hear that Candice got a promotion?” And someone replies, “She must have slept with the boss to get it.” Sour grapes, perhaps?

Here’s another one.

Someone says, “Did you hear that Joe got himself a new car?” And someone replies, “His father probably paid for it.” A little jealously creeping in there, possibly?

Imagine if that person had reacted differently…. Oh, wow! Candice got a promotion, that’s awesome – she worked so hard for it. OR… Joe got a new car, I’m so glad. He really needed one and he’s been saving for ages.”

If people can’t be happy for the successes of others, it leaves a dismal impression about them all round.


Their Behaviour When Things Don’t Go as Planned

We know there are no guarantees in life, and things change constantly, but do you let a change of plans ruin your entire day?

We can think of dozens of situations… perhaps a flat tyre on your way to work, your grocery bag split open and you chased oranges down the street, or you spilt coffee down your white work shirt… these things happen.

But if a person gets all flustered, starts raising their voice and aggressively stomps around the place… imagine how they’ll react when the sh*t really hits the fan.

Don’t know about you Aluxers, but we’d rather not be there to find out.


Their Time-Keeping Skills

Life happens, we get it – but if someone is always late, that is not ok. It is a noticeably bad personality trait.

One might argue that it has nothing to do with you (the person that’s kept waiting) as affirmed in a study by San Diego State University psychologist, Jeff Conte. He found that “Type A” personalities tend to be more aware of timeliness than the more laid back “Type B” personality. However, we’re all adults and can make changes to avoid the habitual habit of being late.


Whether That Person Puts Things Away When They’re Done

This shows their level of concern for others. If they cared about other’s and their well-being, they wouldn’t try and make things more challenging for them.

Many marriages have failed because of a dishwasher.

One partner repeatedly requests for the dirty dishes to be packed straight into the dishwasher… and the other doesn’t oblige. The person asking for a divorce cannot understand why the partner respects him or her so little, that they wouldn’t do this one simple thing they’re asking of them.

Aluxers, putting things away doesn’t just show respect for others, but it saves you time and energy when you always know where to find things. Be sure to watch our video, 15 Tiny Life Upgrades that cost $0, where we go into more detail of the beauty of putting things away!


They Pick Up Litter or They’re the Litterers

Aluxers, if you head to the beach often, you’ll come across people enjoying a walk along the sand and picking up trash as they go. Those people are salt of the earth.

On the other hand, on that same beach walk, you’ll come across people who have upped and left and “forgotten” to pick up their rubbish, showing their bad personality trait of being a litterer. 

Writer, Starre Vartan, published an article on Tree Hugger titled “Are You One of the ‘Weirdos’ Who Picks Up Litter?” She began her article with the following: “Some people thank me, others join me — and I’ve also had people make fun of me. What elicited all these disparate reactions? Simply picking up trash on the beach.”

So, next time you see people picking up trash, we really hope you join in!


How They Treat Animals

We can think of dozens of examples where a person shows their bad personality trait through animals.

For example:

You see a stray dog running close to the road, and the person says something like “it’s just a stray dog, it doesn’t matter.”

Or you’ve just told someone your cat has died, and their response is, “at least it’s not a child.”

These responses may mean nothing to the person saying them, but to the one on the receiving end, it means everything… and we suggest you walk away!


The Way They Drive

We are not guilt-free Aluxers… but when it comes to driving habits, we can always improve. There are times where people are in a hurry, and yes, possibly a little agitated – but these circumstances are not the norm.

However, if someone drives aggressively all the time, that is not a good sign. The American Psychological Association published an aptly titled article called The Fast and the Furious.

They published findings by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety which said, “road rage” contributed to 218 deaths and 12,610 injuries between 1990 and 1996. Worse, AAA found that road rage incidents increased nearly 7 percent each year within that period.”

Aluxers, the way a person drive may seem inconsequential and not necessarily a bad trait, but it speaks volumes about their personality.


Your Repetitive Little Habits

Saying “ah” or “um” or picking at your nails or sucking on your hair, are all little habits that reveal a lot about you and do not point towards a bad personality trait.

These nervous ticks could reveal whether you’re a perfectionist. Scientists call them “body-focused repetitive behaviours.”

A 2015 study filmed various people in different situations – stressful, relaxing, bored or frustrated and the individuals who scored high on the perfectionism scale were prone to these types of body-focused repetitive behaviours.

If you want to pick up some useful habits to make your life better, check out 15 Habits of Organized People


How They React to Criticism

Remember in the playground when someone would call you names, and you’d reply with “I know you are, but what am I?”

Now let’s move ahead in time and find out how people behave when they’re being told something about themselves that they really don’t want to hear. As an adult, we’ll definitely not reply with “I know you are, but what am I?”

But there are other ways we could respond that would be considered a bad personality trait. If we fire back and give the person offering the critique a “taste of their own medicine,” well that’s just silly. However, if we gracefully accept the criticism, think about it and then choose what we decide to change or not, that’s the best way forward for all parties involved.


The Way You Eat

Aluxers, did you ever imagine the way you eat would be considered a good or bad personality trait?

As reported on Huff Post, “according to Juliet Boghossian, a Los Angeles-based behavioural food expert and founder of food behaviour research firm Food-ology, we can “absolutely” make inferences about someone’s personality based on their eating habits. “

She says that slow eaters like to be in control and appreciate life. Fast eaters are ambitious and open to new experiences. Adventurous eaters are thrill seekers and risk-takers while picky eaters can be a little neurotic.

We’ll get your opinion on these findings soon.


Their Relationship with Their Phone

Business Insider brought forward results of a study done by James A. Roberts, PhD, at Baylor University which confirmed that “emotionally unstable individuals are more likely to constantly check their phones in an effort to boost their moods.”

Even if you think you’re being subtle while checking your phone, people do notice, and they do judge. If you don’t want to be seen as an emotionally unstable person, we suggest you put your phone away.


How They Behave When They Think No One Is Watching Them

How does that person behave when they know they’re being watched and when they’re not? We gave the example of the shopping cart in our video, 15 signs you weren’t raised right.

Do you return the shopping cart or not? Returning it is easy, straight-forward and takes a minute. It’s a mere blip in your day. However, it’s just as easy to leave it and get on with your day. You’re not going to be punished, it’s not illegal… so, what do you do?

Same applies for the litter… if nobody is around, do you leave the litter on the ground or do you still pick it up?

Aluxers, it doesn’t matter whether you’re being watched or not… doing the right thing always wins!


We mentioned that the way you eat says a lot about your personality. Do you agree with the findings of Juliet Boghossian when she says slow eaters like to be in control, fast easter are ambitious, adventurous eaters are thrill seekers and picky eaters, neurotic? We’d love to hear your thoughts.