15 Things You Didn’t Know About Apple

7 March 2016

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Apple

Everybody owns an iphone and the world mourned in solidarity when Steve passed away, so we decided to share with you today 15 things you didn’t know about Apple! 

Apple Inc. has made a name for itself in terms of high-technology, simplicity and innovation, that brought the company in the last years incredible profits, so much it made it the most valuable brand in the world.

For almost a decade Apple managed to stay on top, dominating the market all over the World, and building an Empire worth billions of dollars.

But not everything was bright and perfect in the beginning, in fact if we look back we’ll see that Apple struggled quite a bit, to be where it is today.

Let’s see if we can find a few things you didn’t know about Apple Inc:

1. In the beginning Apple had three founders

When Apple debuted in 1976 it had three founders, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, and they were trying to sell the Apple I personal computer kit.

Things you didn't know about Apple: the founders

2. Ronald Wayne sold his shares for only $800

After only two weeks Ronald Wayne decided to leave the company and sell his 10% stock for only $800. If he kept his stock to this today, it would worth $60 billion. But look on the the bright side, he got the $800!

In the video at the bottom of this post you can find out what his life looks like these days.

15 Things You Didn't Know About Apple

3. In 1985 Steve Jobs Left Apple

In 1985 Steve Jobs controversially left Apple after a tough year, and built his own company called NeXT. After that, the success of Apple started to decline. Because the company needed to innovate, CEO Gil Amelio decided to purchase NeXT and bring Steve Jobs back.

Steve-Jobs-NEXT 15 Things You Didn't Know About Apple

4. All advertisement products has the time set to 9:41 AM

This happens because in january 9, 2007 at 9:41 AM,  Steve Jobs revealed for the first time the iPhone to the public and everything changed.

iphones are set to 9:41 15 Things You Didn't Know About Apple

5. Apple iPad retina display is manufactured by Samsung

The two biggest rivals on the gadgets market found a common ground. All this happens while Apple is accusing Samsung of ripping of the iOS user interface. Strange, right?

We digged deeper into the logistics of the deal in the video you’ll find at the end.

Things you didn't know about Apple and samsung found common ground

6. Apple sold 125 million iPhones in 2012

Apple managed to sell an enormous number of iPhones in 2012, most of them in the first year. If you do the math that means they sold approximately 340.000 iPhones per day. WOW!

2016 will be the first year when Apple launches 4 phones, something Steve Jobs wasn’t a fan of but the strategy is bringing big returns to the shareholders.

Things you didn't know about Apple; Apple store line

7. If Apple become a national economy

If that would happen, it would be the World’s 27th largest, after Belgium, with a net worth of over $700 billion.

Things you didn't know about Apple; Apple money logo

8. Be careful what you say to Siri next time!

Everything you say to Siri is analysed and stored into Apple’s data base, so next time you may wanna think again when you ask something.

Things you didn't know about Apple; siri

9. A man in Japan started waiting 7 months in front of an Apple store for the new iPhone 6

The blogger Yoppy was very disappointed when he missed the chance of being the first person in Japan who got an iPhone 5, and this time he decided to not miss his second opportunity.

Things you didn't know about Apple; iPhone fan

10. Apple first gave the idea of iPod to somebody else

The creators of iPod gave to idea to Phillips and Realnetworks, but they didn’t see any potential and refused it.

Things you didn't know about Apple

11. How much would you have to pay to get the iPhone technology in 1991?

If you had an iPhone in 1991, and you would decided to sell it part by part, you would be $3.56 million richer than the day before.

Things you didn't know about Apple

12. The acceptance rate of working at a Apple store is lower than Harvard

The acceptance rate of working at an Apple store is 2%, while the acceptance rate of being accepted to Harvard is 5.9%.

Things you didn't know about Apple

13 .Steve Jobs dropped the first iPod prototype into an aquarium

To see if there is any empty space in the iPod, Steve Jobs did this extreme gesture, and used the air bubbles that came from it to prove his point, that they needed to make it smaller.

Things you didn't know about Apple

14. The battery from a MacbBook could help you in a fire exchange

If you decide over nigh that you wanna rob a bank, than you might want to take a battery of a MacBook with you, because it is bulletproof. Who knows, it might save your life!

Things you didn't know about Apple; Macbook

15. In 1986 Apple started a clothing line

Not many people know that Apple actually tried to get into the fashion business, but it failed miserably. Well you can’t be good at everything!

Things you didn't know about Apple; Apple clothing line
Things you didn’t know about Apple: They failed at making a compelling clothing line!

We even went deeper with less known facts and made this video that gives you even more detail about Apple Inc.

This ends our today’s 15 things you didn’t know about Apple article, and we hope you enjoyed it! If you have any comments, leave them in the comment section below!

So, how would you react if you have sold your stocks, and years later you would find out that it worth billions?