15 Things You Didn’t Know About Samsung

8 June 2015

15 Things you didn’t know about Samsung

Samsung has become over the years one of the most successful businesses in the World, and one the the most versatile company, that focused its attention on many products. Here are the 15 things you didn’t know about Samsung!

Not only that they are concentrated on quality, but they are also focused on mass quality products, that can be accessed by most of the people.

A third of the phones that are on the market today, are produced by Samsung, and the price ranges for a smartphone can go as low as anybody could afford one.

Prepare to be amazed by some amazing facts about a great company that contributed on our technology expansion. Please enjoy, these 15 things you didn’t know about Samsung!

1. The name Samsung was destined for success

In Korean the word means “three stars”, and the name was chosen so the company could become successful and everlasting as the stars.

Things you didn't know about Samsung
Samsung Logo; via www.theiranproject.com

2. Samsung was founded in 1938

In its nearly 80 years The Samsung Group has built 80 businesses, that brought the company a lot of notoriety and of course a lot of money.

Things you didn't know about Samsung
The Samsung Group; via www.businessinsider.com

3. Their construction division has built Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is notorious for being the tallest building in the World, but who knew that Samsung could manage, literally such a huge project?

Things you didn't know about Samsung
Burj Khalifa; via www.pictcool.com

4. Samsung Electronics has the astonishing number of 370,000 employees Wold wide.

If you don’t thing that this is amazing think about that Apple has only 80,000 employees and Microsoft 97,000.

Things you didn't know about Samsung
Samsung employee; via www.tuoitrenews.vn

5.Chairman Lee Kun Hee revolutionized the quality of Samsung products

In 1995 Lee Kun Hee gathered all the employees, and make them watch as 150,000 phones and fax machines were destroyed. That year was the beginning of a new era in terms of quality.

Things you didn't know about Samsung
Lee Kun Hee; via www.pcworld.com

6. Samsung came with a lot of innovations

Over the years, Samsung came with some pretty good ideas that changed the way we view technology. They were the first ones who came up with the digital TV, the watch phone and the mp3 phone.

Things you didn't know about Samsung
Light bulbs; via www.forbes.com

7. Samsung spends a lot o money for advertising

In 2012 Samsung spent $4 billion on advertising, and nearly $5 billion on marketing.

Things you didn't know about Samsung
Advertising expenses; via www.businessinsider.com

8. Samsung dominated the TV market

For six years Samsung destroyed any competition, and managed to stay on the first place of being the top selling TV maker.

Things you didn't know about Samsung
Samsung TV; via www.youtube.com

9. Many other brands use Samsung components

In fact their biggest competitor, Apple use the retina display, which is made by Samsung, and not only that, 70% of all the smartphones that are used today, use DRAM which is also made by Samsung.

Things you didn't know about Samsung
Samsung DRAM; via www.phonedog.com

10. In the last years Samsung brought us some incredible innovations

That includes the 8559 UHD TV, that gives you amazing clarity and details, a Smart TV Evolution kit and the Galaxy Camera, which is the first camera that has 3G/4G and WiFi connectivity.

Things you didn't know about Samsung
Smart TV Evolution kit; via www.flatpanelshd.com

11. The Galaxy Note 10.1 has some incredible features

It can play music for 120 hours, it has more than 4 million pixels, and it has a capacity of 64 GB in external memory.

Things you didn't know about Samsung
Galaxy Note 10.1; via www.gadget-talk.ro

12. Samsung also has a non-profit medical organization

Every year Samsung donates $100 million to Samsung medical center, for medical research and other high-end facilities.

Things you didn't know about Samsung
Samsung medical center; via www.youtube.com

13. When the company was started, it had a total different area of business

Samsung, as a company, it had a total different start than any other company in the World. I mean any other company started with a product, and they kept developing it in time, but Samsung first started as a noodles making company.

Things you didn't know about Samsung
Noodles; via www.hungryfoodies.com

14. Samsung also has luxury items

Samsung Galaxy Golden is considered an exclusive and high-end phone, that was a must have among businessman and other important people.

Things you didn't know about Samsung
Samsung Galaxy Golden; via www.mobilarena.hu

15. Samsung Galaxy S6 has wireless charging

Sound pretty Sci-Fi right? Samsung never cease to amaze us in terms of innovation, so now you can charge your phone much more easier and practical.

Things you didn't know about Samsung
Samsung Galaxy S6; via www.youtube.com

This concludes out today’s article about 15 thing you didn’t know about Samsung, and we hope you enjoyed it!

So, what is you favorite Samsung smartphone, and why? For more opinions, leave them in the comment section below!

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