15 Things You Didn’t Know About Toyota

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15 Things you didn’t know about Toyota

Our today’s luxury topic is about a well known and appreciated brand, and we hope you will enjoy these amazing facts. Here are the 15 things you didn’t know about Toyota!

Toyota is notorious for being one of the largest automobile manufacturer in the World, they made quite an impression over the years, and continue to impress us with their, some may say, Sci-Fi projects.

The company founded by Kiichiro Toyoda, had become an example of innovation and success, but it didn’t get there over night, and years after years of hard working were necessary to become what Toyota represents today.

With that said, start getting comfy and let us present you these 15 things you didn’t know about Toyota!

1.At first was called Toyoda, with a “D”

The founder of the company Kiichiro Toyoda thought that Toyota was a more popular choice, and that it was more visual appealing.

Things you didn't know about Toyota
Toyota factory; via www.auto-types.com

2.The idea for the Toyota cars came from the U.S.

When Kiichiro Toyoda first arrived in the U.S. in 1929, with the purpose of investigating the automobile production, he was inspired by the Dodge Power Wagon and Chevrolet.

Things you didn't know about Toyota; First Toyota car
First Toyota car; via www.wikipedia.org

3. The first Toyota had a modified Chevrolet engine

The first Toyota engine, produced 65 hp, which means it was 10% more powerful than the American version.

Things you didn't know about Toyota
Toyota first motor; via www.wikipedia.org

4. Toyota used the American Supermarket model for its factory organization

That means that they stopped producing more wheals or hoods than cars, and I know that sounds obvious now, but back then it was revolutionary.

Things you didn't know about Toyota; Toyota factory
Toyota factory; via www.tophdgallery.com

5. The company was saved by the Korean War

In 1950 Toyota was on the verge of bankruptcy, and it was saved by the US who ordered 5,000 vehicles.

Things you didn't know about Toyota
Korean War; via www.wikipedia.org

6. Toyota spends $1 million every hour for research

Toyota spends more on research than any other company in the World. They do that in pursuit of making better and safer cars.

Things you didn't know about Toyota; Toyota safety sense
Toyota safety sense; via www.car-engineer.com

7. Toyota cars are incredible durable

Approximately 80% of the cars produced 20 years ago, are now still on the road.

Things you didn't know about Toyota; Toyota Camry sedan
Toyota Camry sedan; via www.wikipedia.org

8. First freeway in Japan was celebrated by Toyota in a great way

When the first freeway was built in Japan, Toyota celebrated by driving 100,000 miles without any stops.

Things you didn't know about Toyota; Toyota on freeway
Toyota on freeway; via www.supercompressor.com

9. Toyota Corolla was a great winter car

To prepare the car for exporting it to Canada, they put it to the ultimate test, a road trip across the country in the winter of 1967.

Things you didn't know about Toyota; Toyota Corolla
Toyota Corolla; via www.speeddoctor.net

11. Toyota Prius was a big success

When Toyota Prius was launched, it was an instant success, and in only 10 years they managed to sell over 1,000,000 units.

Things you didn't know about Toyota
Toyota Prius; via www.cdn.phys.org

12. It took 450 prototypes to make the first Lexus

Even for a company of this proportion, 450 tries means a lot, but to be honest it was worth the wait.

Things you didn't know about Toyota
First Lexus model; via www.wikipedia.org

13. There is a city named after Toyota

The city Koroma changed its name in 1959, to honor the most successful business in Japan, and the next year it became Detroit’s sister city.

Things you didn't know about Toyota
Toyota city; via www.1971wolfie.wordpress.com

14. Toyota is trying to develop a “robot partner”

That sounds pretty Sci-Fi, right? But who can stop a multi-billion company to do that? Oh, did i mention that it can play musical instruments? Because why not?

Things you didn't know about Toyota
Toyota robot partner; via www.youtube.com

15. Toyota and BMW are working together on a new car

It is a quite an unusual collaboration, but there is no doubt that the result will be EPIC!

Things you didn't know about Toyota
Toyota and BWM sport car prototype; via www.wot.motortrend.com

This concludes our today’s article, about 15 things you didn’t know about Toyota, and I hope you enjoyed it!

So, do you think that Toyoda Prius made any environmental change since it was released? For any other opinions, leave them in the comment section below!




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