15 Ways to Think About Money

29 August 2021

Money Doesn’t Work the Way You Think It Does. Shocking, Right? Here’s What the Actual Concept of Money Is.

What if we told you most of you were thinking about money in the wrong way?

The average person has no idea what money really is and how to leverage it for a life filled with freedom. 

They use it to pay bills, buy food and acquire things that they use for limited amounts of time before they are eventually unusable. 

By the end of this article the way your mind comprehends the concept of money will dramatically change! You’re lucky to have found this article!

As usual, here is the video version of this text:

Are you ready for it? Here are 15 Ways to Think About Money


Money Is a Tool That Allows You to Move Value across Space and Time

For most people money is emotional… It’s personal.. Your reality changes once you realise money is no different than a car or a vacuum cleaner. It serves a specific purpose.

If the car takes you from A to B, money takes value from A to B.

You extract value at your job and then transport that value to a different place at a different time.

The more you think about it the more you realise how true and simple this actually is.

You see, money is very similar to a traditional car: It will take you wherever you wish as long as you’re a good enough driver!


Use Money to Buy Yourself Peace and You Will End up with Happiness

You can’t get to happiness without getting to peace first! When they say money can’t buy happiness directly, they fail to mention that money can buy you peace. 

Here’s how that breaks down:

Peace comes from the lack of stress and worry. 

When we feel safe and that our future is predictably positive we worry less, because we are no longer worries about what we are going to eat tomorrow, about where we are going to sleep or if a tiger hides in the bushes. 

Money buys that, because these are money problems.

Once you’ve bought your safety, you’re left with the non-money problems: how do I feel about myself, about my relationships and what do I need to do in life to feel fulfilled.. 

One you buy yourself peace, you will eventually arrive at happiness!


Broke Is Temporary, Poor Is Forever

There’s a big difference between being broke and being poor. 

Broke = [means] you have no money. 

Poor = you have no way of getting out of the no money situation.

So… are you broke or are you poor? 

Poor people accept that their reality is permanent and unchangeable. They teach their children young that they are poor and destined to be poor as well. It’s “the man”, “the system”, the universe that keeps them that way.

The only people who escape poverty are those who acknowledge that they are currently broke, but there are options of changing that. They do not believe broke is a permanent.

They believe change is up to them, even if this means pushing harder that others who maybe got dealt a better hand to begin with.

You see, the broke seek to better themselves, they want tomorrow to be slightly better than today and are willing to work for it. They look at the process from a gradual perspective.

The poor only think of the world in black and white terms. Their wish is to be rich, not to: not be poor anymore. 

Reread this point as many times as you need until you are confident you are actually broke, not poor. Only then you can begin to move up.


There Is No Such Thing as a Money Cap

Wanna know a secret that we found out only after we became rich?

Here it is:

There is no limit to money or success in this world!

Growing up, for some reason we were thought that there’s always a limit to money, to how much a company could pay an employee.. This stems from the idea of being paid by the hour and the fact that there’s a limit to the number of hours you can work in a day… This is factory based remuneration and brainwashing. 

The moment we have transitioned on the other side of the curtain, the truth was revealed to us: 

Money is unlimited: they have a printer that goes BRRRRRR whenever the market asks for more. 

Innovation is unlimited: everything done today will be done faster, cheaper and better tomorrow. 

Money is an infinite resource!

Because as you’ll find out in the last point of this list, Money isn’t actually real, it’s something the rich made up.


First You Learn, Then You Remove The “L”

You are paid in proportion to the value you can add to the marketplace.

The truth is you can always increase your value output through education. 

Learn to use new tools and your productivity will increase and will it how much you’re paid.

Learn to build systems, learn to communicate and build teams, learn specific techniques by watching the masters..

You want to stop being broke? Start learning things that are valuable!

The problem most people encounter is that they have no idea how to learn. When we say education their mind immediately goes to being in school – horrible.

Learning how to learn is the ultimate skill one can possess!

Because once you get it, everything out there is up for grabs.

Our life changed once continuous learning became part of our daily life. Anything you want to achieve in life can be learned.

We actually developed a unique framework called Learning Mastery which will become available for purchase in September. Make sure you’re on the waiting list by going to alux.com/learn 

Take your learning, your memory and life optimization to the next level!


Money Grows on Trees If You Know What Seeds to Plant

Here’s what most people do:

They go to work, put in effort, get paid money and then they go and spend the money.

How dumb is that?

They do this because the average person has no idea that there are money trees out there, where if instead of spending the money you plant it and nurture it it grows into more money. Do that enough time and you don’t have to go to work anymore, you can just eat of the money trees.

This is the simplest way to explain the inequality of wealth around the world. The poor spend money, while the rich have money trees. 

We know what you’re thinking, and are you ready for us to call you out on your bullshit?

You’re thinking: but ALux, i’ve got bills to pay, i’ve got debt, i have to spend the money to feed my kids or keep the lights.

Here’s the brutal truth: Almost everyone around the world has more money than they need to survive. 

If you’re able to work, you have excess capital. The reason why there’s never enough money to plant money trees is because you ALSO WANT COMFORT! You crave it. You tell yourself that you NEED the TV, the Apple watch, the new phone, that poster you have in your room. In reality you don’t NEED any of those, they’re just comfort. 

You’re like a bird in a cage that’s getting fed twice a day. You’re comfortable, but not free. The truth is, some of you have no desire to be free, you love the comfort, so stop complaining about the cage.

The moment you sacrifice comfort, you realise just how much excess capital there is in your life and that’s the key to your freedom.

Now… ask yourself.. Do you want freedom badly enough to sacrifice comfort?


Money Is Never Yours, It’s Just Your Turn to Hold It

The entire world economy relies on spending, on money changing hands from one person to the next. 

Your entire financial life changes once you realise money is constantly flowing. 

You want money?! Move yourself in life with the flow of money in the marketplace. 

It’s really that easy. All you have to do is take part in the marketplace of exchanges.

Once you have it, it’s just a matter of time until you give it to someone else in exchange for something you yourself value more than money. 

Look around you and teach yourself to see the flow of money. Ask yourself: Who’s got my money? Who’s got money willing to pass it down and what are they looking for? 

And that dear Aluxers, is exactly how every single one of you will be rich!


You’re Not Actually Spending Money, You’re Spending Your Time Encapsulated

We hate spending money because we understand this incredibly valuable lesson!

You know how they say “time is money”?! This will blow your mind but it’s actually the other way around. Money is time!

What is the cost for you to get money? 

What are you trading for it? 

Yes it’s your know-how, talent and skills, but at the end of it all it’s your time that you’re selling, what you know to do in that time is just a multiplier put on the value of your time. 

Let’s say you earn $100 per hour. – and if that sounds like a lot to you.. You need to re-evaluate some things because that’s barely above 200,000 dollars per year assuming you work 40 hour weeks non-stop. 

When you go to buy a $40,000 dollar car, you’re not paying with money, you’re paying with time. 400 hours of your life to be precise. The groceries you just purchase costs you 2 hours worth of work + the 40 minutes you spent in the store browsing the isles, time which you were unable to monetise. 

If you want to take control of your financial life, you need to start thinking about sending in terms of time, not money!

How much time do I have to work in order to afford this? That’s where the true value of your spending gets revealed to you!


With Debt You’re Not Borrowing Money, You’re Buying It at a Higher Price than It’s Worth

Stop thinking about debt the way you currently are. You’re not borrowing money, you’re RENTING money.

Borrowing implies you return the item back to me after you used it. I lend you my ipad, you read the story, then you give it back. It’s the same ipad, you just used it for a while.

With money it’s not like that. You are paying me to use my ipad before returning it back and if you don’t give it back I can take the ipad and make you sell your house for the difference.

You need to stop buying overpriced money.

Here’s how we want you to think about this:

Every time you borrow money, you’re robbing time and effort from your future self.

Future you is getting screwed by the present you, and it won’t be long until you become future-you, so stop screwing yourself with debt.


Money Is a Fungible Token

Yep, we’re going there.

For those unfamiliar with crypto, it means that money is replaceable with similar money of the same value.

 A $100 bill is worth the same as every other $100 bill. 

This property is called fungibility. Fun word. 

Many things are fungible and most of them are valuable. But there’s an entire different world once you get rich when you enter the Non-fungible token world.

Take the Mona Lisa for example.

The original Mona Lisa is worth substantially more than every other Mona Lisa in existence. All the value lies with the original. 

If you want to become super wealthy in life, you need to become non-fungible or own things that are not-fungible and have value.

If this point had your mind twisted, maybe it’s easier to start with the basics of blockchain and bitcoin. Go to alux.com/bitcoin and check out our blockchain essentials course, it’s the first stepping stone in your digital journey.

If you want some motivation to start your blockchain journey, check out 15 Ways Blockchain Is Changing the World.


Your Money Is Your Army, Send It Out to Bring Back Prisoners!

Your money is made out of $1 soldiers. You want them out, aggressive conquering land as market share and bringing back prisoners so your army grows.

You want your money to be smart and not allow itself to be captured by the enemy.

The more money you can deploy the higher your chance of winning the war.

If you don’t have enough money to begin, consider guerilla tactics to get the upper hand.

We feel like this point only makes sense for some of you and those are the ones that are going to make it.


You Chose This Life, You Might as Well Make Money Out of It

You chose to do this… there wasn’t anything else to do…

So you might as well cash in.. otherwise.. What’s the point?! Right?

If you know you know!

This has been at the core of the discipline. When thinking about money, we think in terms of choices. We chose this life. We choose to keep doing this. And our goal is to get good at this. 

In order to compete with the all time greats, we need to make money not only to sustain ourselves, but to reinvest and grow, to buy new tools, to hire more people, to train the staff, to do things that nobody else has done before. 

If this is your purpose… if this is what you want to do for the rest of your life… make sure you give it your all… how are you supposed to quit after such a short period of time… how are you supposed to quit when you haven’t made the money you really wanted to make.. refocus.


The Problem with Money Is That It Doesn’t Hold Its Value in Time Unless Invested

This is an article meant to change the way you think about money and none of them is as true as the fact that money has been losing its power every day for the past 50 years.

Here’s the graph to prove it.

With the same amount of effort & time you can buy 25 times less stuff than you could 100 years ago. 

The US dollar has depreciated 25 times and most countries use the US dollar as their reserve currency. If you live outside of the US, your national currency probably depreciates even more. 

That’s why the rich don’t keep money in the bank or under the mattress. Because every day the money you hold loses value.

Rich people look at cash the way we look at ice-cubes in a warm room!

Don’t hold the cash in your hand for too long because you might see it melt away.

Here’s one of our best videos to date focusing on why money is becoming worthless, extremely valuable today!


Not All Money Is the Same

Most people have a maximalist approach when it comes to money. Here’s what that means.

People in Europe think in EURO, People in the US, think in dollars, People in Russia think in Ruble

They are accustomed to uni-directional thinking. 

The moment you zoom out the world changes and the difference in value of money is revealed to you. 

Life becomes amazing when you earn in US dollars but spend in Indonesian rupiah’s or the Costa Rican Colón

There’s an entire world out there of financial arbitrage that could dramatically change the quality of your life.

$1 million dollars in Los Angeles barely buys you an apartment, while $1 million dollars in Vietnam can buy a hotel and provide for you for the rest of your life.

Go explore the world Aluxers and you’ll find richness beyond money!


Money Exists Only in Our Minds

Yep, money isn’t real! Today it’s just numbers on a screen. It’s unlimited and used as fuel for the world. Money, at least the version we know since 1971 has been the biggest delusion history has ever seen. 

Money, the same as religion, only exists in our minds and soul. The same with religion, the moment you get emotional about it, it will control your life.

The moment you take a step back and see it for what it is, you can reap all the benefits with none of the downsides. 

It is only when you believe money doesn’t really matter that you escape the control of money! – that’s also when you get rich. 


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