Tights Trends 2013-2014 | Women’s Fashion

16 November 2013

Tights Trends 2013-2014 | Women’s Fashion

We’ll take a look at Tights Trends 2013-2014 | Women’s Fashion!

Tights for fall? Definitely , yes ! When you want to wear a skirt but it’s chilly outside we will opt for a pair of tights. If you miss your summer dress or you shorts scream from the closet after you, then you should buy a pair of tights and wear them with style.

Tights are to fall as sunglasses are to summer, and there are so many cute styles, you can wear a pair every day until winter if you like. Tights always have an important place of the trend accessories in the cold season.

This winter, designers offer fashion tights able to satisfy most of woman even who particular about dress.

womens-fashion-tights-trends-for-fall-winter-2013-2014-1 Tights Trends 2013-2014 | Women’s Fashion

Let’s see some models that make headlines !

Both with a take on the classic fishnet stocking, one with a floral mix and the other resembling a chain link fence, and equally as provocative.

lace-tights-2 Tights Trends 2013-2014 | Women’s Fashion

Dotted hearts go from sexy black on sheer to cute burgundy on gray in a heartbeat.

dotted-heart-tights-1 Tights Trends 2013-2014 | Women’s Fashion

In light ballerina pink or black on sheer black, these bold dots go where no dots have gone before.

dotted-tights-2 Tights Trends 2013-2014 | Women’s Fashion

The most fashionable autumn winter tights are those who include various shades of metallic and thick colored ones. They are often mixed with dresses that have the same color or a different one to create an amazing overall.

womens-fashion-tights-trends-for-fall-winter-2013-2014-2 Tights Trends 2013-2014 | Women’s Fashion

The most popular prints are with animal, floral and geometric patterns. Besides, tights with original decor or modern decor with lurex,crystal, rivets and stones are in vogue.In many case, boots-stockings is the perfect alternative to stockings. Next season the original imitation of stockings made of various materials, from wool to latex.

womens-fashion-tights-trends-for-fall-winter-2013-2014-3 Tights Trends 2013-2014 | Women’s Fashion

Knee-length stockings and socks are also in fashion. You can mix them with shoes and sandals or maybe boots. In new collections you can find socks knitted from mohair and fishnet socks.

womens-fashion-tights-trends-for-fall-winter-2013-2014-6 Tights Trends 2013-2014 | Women’s Fashion

Another important part of fashion trends for fall-winter 2013-2014 are leggings. They’re having a big role because can be mixed even with long sweaters or dresses. Designers also offer a lot of colors and patterns : ethnic, floral or animal prints.

We hope you liked our article about Tights Trends 2013-2014 !  This winter you will look amazing if you take our advice in fashion !

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