Guy Who Tweeted the Craziest Closet Situation of His Childhood Friend Needs Money to Turn the Story into a Short Film

21 December 2016

Tina & The Gucci Flip Flop Can Be A Movie With Your Help

Tina & the Gucci Flip Flop is getting a movie but only with your help! Find out how you can help out the guy who tweeted the craziest story of his childhood friend and her closet situation!

If you Aluxers remember, a while back we covered one of the funniest stories we’ve read about Tina & the Gucci Flip Flops (If you haven’t checked it out yet, fix that!)

Now that you read all of Xavier’s 82 tweets you agree with us when we say this story might be Twitter’s craziest story yet.

Alux.com was actually one of the first publishers to pick up the story and shine some light on it and we got to know Xavier personally! Pretty soon it went viral!

Everyone liked Tina’s story and somehow they’ve put themselves in her shoes.

Tina & The Gucci Flip Flops got Xavier from 8,000 to 25,000+ followers overnight.

As you many of you must know by now, “Tina & The Gucci Flip Flop” tells the story of Xavier’s childhood friend Tina who found herself “trapped in a closet when her lover’s lover comes home.”

Just like Xavier describes it, it is a story that has everything from “betrayal, cheating, being trapped in closets, and big, wet farts.”

If you followed him before this tale you might remember that he’s done over 28 Twitter stories before Tina & The Gucci Flip Flop, but none of them had the exposure this one had.

What’s next for Xavier?

Well, that’s why we are here now, to tell you what’s new with Xavier as we promised!

After the story went viral many of you kept asking X if you plans to turn the stories he’s been tweeting into films.

Well, it seems that your hard work has now paid off, ‘cause the film is actually happening.

He actually needs our help to make it happen and started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $35,000 to turn Tina & The Gucci Flip Flop into a live action short film.

Tina & The Gucci Flip Flop Can Be A Movie With Your Help
Tina & The Gucci Flip Flop Can Be A Movie With Your Help

With only five days until the campaign ends, Xavier’s campaign has raised $21,901 pledged of $35,000 goal with 370 people donating.

Make sure you hurry up and donate if you want this short film to be happening! If you need more motivation to do it, let me tell you that X will sent EVERYONE who donates to his Kickstarter campaign a digital copy of the Tina& The Gucci Flip Flop comic book.

If you are wondering what he will do with your money, here is what X said:

“If we exceed our goal, 90% of our budget will be used for the film, while 10% will be set aside for production and shipping of our Kickstarter prizes, and 8% fee by Kickstarter.”

Tina & The Gucci Flip Flop Can Be A Movie With Your Help
Tina & The Gucci Flip Flop Can Be A Movie With Your Help

If everything goes as planned, they will start Pre-Production, Crew Assembly, casting, location scouting and rehearsals from January 3rd to February 3rd 2017.

And after every detail is set, Tina & The Gucci Flip Flop premieres on Twitter, in the place that it started.

You know we don’t do this often, but time is running out for the campaign.

Are you planning on donating? What do you think about this idea? Would you want to see a short film about Tina and her closet situation?