Most Mind-Blowing Tiny Houses

6 February 2014

Most Mind-Blowing Tiny Houses

I am pretty sure that all of you Ealuxe readers out there are dreaming about living in a lovely, comfy, and most important huge house near the beach, in the mountains, or why not, in the suburbs of a big busy city.

Who wouldn’t want that, right?

But that is not what we are going to talk about today. Whether you believe it or not, living in a smaller house can be quite nice and I will make sure to convince you of that.It can be intimate, innovative, and to be honest, quite spacey. So let’s visit the most mind-blowing tiny houses, shall we?


# 10 – The Westlake House – Great Britain

The 100 square meters house is a simple low-budget design, but still elegant, having a large glazed double-height space. The living/dining hall becomes the house’s light-filled heart. The other spaces open to this hall, and the main bedroom upstairs overlooks the hall, being an elevated viewpoint.

Most mind-blowing tiny houses
A House with a View


# 9 – Machiya House – Tokyo – Japan

Inspired by traditional Japanese elements such as “onsen” outdoors baths and Machiya courtyard houses, the architects created a house where interior spaces extend directly into enclosed private terrace spaces outside. The living/dining wing is linked to the sleeping/bathroom wing via a glass corridor. The house has only 99 square meters.

Most mind-blowing tiny houses
When fully opened, sliding cloth canopies allow a generous terrace connected to the sky


# 8 – Dodds House – Sydney – Australia

Simplicity of form and material produce a tough exterior as an answer to the nearby industrial buildings. All external elements are painted silver/gray, with shadow and texture. With just 109 square meters, the double height volume of the living area with its mezzanine bedroom creates an especially generous interior space.

Most mind-blowing tiny houses
Tough shell, soft inside – sliding glass doors allow the adjoining patio court to extend the interior


# 7 – Ultimate Sustainable Nomadic Home – Northern Italy

This attractive Nomadic Home was created almost 1200 meters above sea level. The structure can be easily taken apart and rebuilt in a new location, making the house perfect for the traveling nomad. The home is made entirely of local wood and the design is minimal, material-orientated and in close touch with nature. The Nomadic Home is a smart house, with all vital functions being controlled by a central touch panel.

Most mind-blowing tiny houses
A 360-degree triple glazing is furnished with a second facade layer, giving the building a very elegant, yet modern shape


#6 – Morton Loft – New York – USA

Automobiles figure heavily in the Morton Loft project. The building that houses this apartment was originally a multi-store car park. The 90 square meters are filled with materials that lie outside architecture’s normal stock. Lightweight steel gantries as seen in factories give access to the upper levels.

Most mind-blowing tiny houses
The two sleeping capsules in the loft and the exterior


We are down to the last five Most mind-blowing tiny houses, what do you think so far?


#5 – Natural Wedge House –  Tokyo – Japan

The wedge form of this house for a young couple on a 60 square meters small plot was devised to comply with strict building height regulations and to maximize natural light in the north-facing house. Special glass facade panels were developed to assure that the house is full of light and welcoming.

Most mind-blowing tiny houses
The wedge comes to town


 #4 – Think Tank Boathouse – Ireland

Located at the bottom of a hill, the 56 square meters Think Tank Boathouse offers a sheltered space from which to view the dramatic wetland landscape. The complex structure has subtle asymmetries and a large, steel-framed, sliding entrance door.

Most mind-blowing tiny houses
The Danish bleached-pine flooring system conceals underfloor heating 


#3 – The Millhouse – Goteborg, Sweden

Measuring only 50 square meters, this delightful structure makes a statement through simple architectural language and integration with the surroundings. A contemporary interpretation of a traditional Japanese tea house, the structure seems to be floating on the water. The built in furnishings feature dove-tail joints that are also used on the counters and stairs, without using any nails.


Most mind-blowing tiny houses
Oak and limestone were used with precise craftsmanship, emphasizing the formal simplification of the space


#2 – Loftcube – Berlin, Germany

Having only 36 square meters, the experimental “Loftcube” was developed as a mobile living unit that boasts a sunny location and close proximity to all nearby urban facilities. The window openings of the wood-framed structure can be filled with a multitude of materials – glass, acrylic panels or wood. The interior is flexible, even though a minimal space is available. Function panels were developed to save space and money – swivel faucets serve both kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Most mind-blowing tiny houses
The Loftcube can be placed almost everywhere, particularly on a building’s rooftop


#1 – Chicken Point Cabin – Northern Idaho – USA

The idea for the cabin is that of a lakeside shelter in the woods – a little box with a big window that opens to the surrounding landscape. The cabin’s big window wall (9 meters by 6 meters) opens the entire living space out toward the forest and lake. The materials are low maintenance and left unfinished to naturally age and to fit in with the natural setting. The architects who came up with this amazing idea were Olson Sundberg and Kundig Allen and you can see more of their projects on their official website.


Most mind-blowing tiny houses
The large 6 by 9 meters windows opening allow the building to interact with its surroundings

So these were the most mind-blowing tiny houses, would you live in one?

Let us know in the comments below!