Tips&Tricks For a Fresh Look This Summer |Top 10

18 June 2014

Tips&Tricks For a Fresh Look This Summer |Top 10

Summer heat can be a gift and a drawback at the same time. Yes, things are getting hot, literally.

That means sexy summer dresses, fancy sandals, colorful swimwear, but also a hard time keeping our look fresh. No one likes a makeup that looks like it was applied 3 days ago.

Summer also comes with plenty of chlorine and salt water that can ruin our hair and skin. And this is the time of the year when we mostly need our skin to look perfect.

So, if you are experiencing any of these issues or you just want to be at your best this summer, there are a few basic rules you need to learn.

Don’t you worry, it’s all simple when you know these Tips&Tricks For a Fresh Look This Summer |Top 10:

10Beach Waves Hair

Humidity is a big problem when you want your hair to be perfect. Rather than trying over and over to straighten it, wear some sexy wavy curls.

This way you will avoid damaging your hair and you will get to keep those sexy curls you get after spending the day at the beach.

The best thing you can do is spritzing it with a sea salt spray that will naturally define your curls.

Try the Salt Spray Catwalk Sessions Series from Tigi.

Tips & Tricks For a Fresh Look During Summer |Top 10 - Beach Waves Hair
Tip &Tricks For a Fresh Look This Summer |Top 10 – Beach Waves Hair
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