15 Tools Rich People Use

10 February 2019

Have you ever though about the tools rich people use in their daily lives?

It’s easy to think of billionaires like Bill Gates, Bezos or Musk when we say rich people, but at that level of wealth you’ve got your unique situations which wouldn’t be of much use to the regular person.

That’s why we wanted to share with you, the tools that millionaires and multi-millionaires use to run, grow and maintain their fortunes.

You might be familiar with some of them, but you’re probably using them a lot differently than rich people do.

That’s why this list is so important, see if you can leverage any of them to get more out of your day and join the club.

From basic tools to services you’ve never heard of, we put together a list that will serve you well.

As always, here’s the video version of this piece if you don’t feel like reading through the list:

Here are 15 Tools Rich people use in their lives:

Number 1: Calendar

Recommendation: Google Calendar

You might be thinking, but ALUX I plan things also and I’m not a millionaire or billionaire.

Well, while you set up yearly goals, rich people are a lot more focused.

They do not use: TO DO-lists like the average person, instead, they use a calendar. They break every single day down and try to have in the calendar the things that will generate the biggest positive impact in their lives.

The better you are at this, the more structured and organized your calendar is, never needing to ask yourself: what should I do today?!

If you’ve never planned things, start with simple to-do lists, but if you want to get better, start using a calendar.

Number 2: Private Banking App

Recommendation: Whatever your bank provides

Fortunately for us, technology made it really easy for everyone to have their bank in their pockets.

We personally use our own banking app to pay for almost everything in our life, from subscriptions to taxes.

The more control you have over your finances, the more agile you can be with your investments.

The beautiful thing about financial apps is that they give you a clear understanding of your financial situation. Money is just a number on a screen, it’s easier to grow that number when you’re not so emotionally invested.

If your bank has an app, figure out how you can automate expenses and leverage this tech to your advantage.

Number 3: Premium Smartphone & Laptop

Recommendation: iPhone XS Max 512GB & MacBook Pro

The smartphone is the modern day sword. You need one, you need to stay connected and on top of things.

Same goes for an easy to use laptop. That’s why apple is doing so well and the PC master race are always up in arms. You’re not buying specs, you’re buying the ease of use, which for a particular set of individuals is THE only selling point that matters. You get to bring your office with you everywhere you go.

You likely have a smartphone and a laptop, you’re probably enjoying this piece on one of the two, but you don’t use it the way the rich do.

Most people use these tools for entertainment and consumption, while the rich connect all their resources to these devices. Once you realize you can generate income from these devices, it no longer matter is you spend thousands of dollars or a laptop, because you’re buying an asset, not a liability like everyone else.

Number 4: Treadmill or Fitness Bike

Recommendation: Equipment by NordicTrack

Here’s something you might not know: The average individual with a net worth of over 5 million dollars wakes up around 6:30.

They make their health a priority, that’s why they begin their day with a workout. While some choose to run outside and the wealthier of the bunch do laps in their own private pools, the average multi-millionaires has either a treadmill or a pro fitness bike installed in their homes.

Not only they work out, but use this time to catch up on things. Usually they have a large TV set up in the room in order to go through recent events, news or specific shows/documentaries they want to learn more about.

In our research, NordicTrack has been the go-to affordable – at home fitness solution for the rich. Eminem uses one.

Wake up early, work out while learning, that’s how you get ahead.

Number 5: VPN

Recommendation: Alux.com/vpn

The problem with technology is that it’s trackable. Everything we do online can be traced, monitored and used against us.

The rich are well aware of this, especially those who travel a lot and use their smartphones and laptops as their mobile office.

A VPN is an online service that protects you from this. It’s super easy to install and super common among people who take their online presence seriously. With just a few clicks you can hide your IP and browse the internet safely.

This type of service used to be available only to the super-wealthy in the early days, but now, anyone can use this incredible tool.

If you travel a lot, use your devices abroad or simply want to protect yourself while surfing the web we can’t recommend a VPN enough.

So much so, that we reached out to the VPN company we use and negotiated probably the best deal you can ever get. If you go to alux.com/vpn and sign up using the code ALUX you’ll get 75% off of your 3 year plan. Even better, you get to use the service for 1 month for free; if you don’t see the value in it, you don’t lose anything.

The deal we have on the table is by far the best one you can get today and it’s an alux.com exclusive offered by the team at NordVPN for our community.

Number 6: Sauna and Floatation tanks

Recommendation: Finlandia Outdoor Sauna

Saunas are incredible! They increase circulation, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, help with weight loss, detox your body and relieve stress. The people of scandinavia have been using them for years and just in recent years they went mainstream.

If you can afford to put a sauna in your house it should be one of your priorities.

What about flotation tanks? You might have heard of them, popularized by shows focusing on silicon valley, but they do have their merit. It’s like meditation on steroids, where you cut off almost all your senses and are left alone, floating in complete darkness and silence with only what’s crawling in your mind.

These are great for reflection and disconnecting. It’s a really trippy experience.

Number 7: The Plum Guide and Airbnb Plus

Recommendation: ThePlumGuide & AirbnbPlus

We’re pretty certain most of you are familiar with Airbnb and how it works.

Although for casual business trips a hotel will be just fine, there are those occasions where you’re travelling with your team, family or the penthouse suit at your average luxury hotel won’t be enough.

That’s where premium services like the Plum Guide and Airbnb Plus come in. For those of you unfamiliar with them, these offer verified high-end properties for short term rentals. You need to rent an island for an event or a castle in the south of france, airbnb plus has your back. You want to rent an apartment like the 1% do, then you use the plum guide.

Number 8: jetSmarter or Similar services

Recommendation: JetSmarter.com

Unless you’re incredibly wealthy, you don’t have your own private jet. Jets are expensive, they cost way more than you think and it’s not worth having your own when you can use someone else’s.

That’s where apps like Jetsmarter come in. These type of apps have been popping up all around the world. They’re like an uber but for rich people who need a jet, a helicopter or an armored ride.

Dubai already has flying drone taxis to help you escape traffic and we’re betting these type of services will become a lot more popular since the rich are getting richer.

Number 9: Angellist

Recommendation: Angellist.com

For those of you unfamiliar with AngelList, it’s a syndicated investment platform. Basically anybody can become a venture capitalist and invest in start-ups from all around the world. The only requirements are to have the money.

Even better, you can diversify your portfolio of investments and even invest alongside some of the most well known investors in the world.

In recent years they’ve grown their recruitment side, which almost makes it a great tool for finding people to hire in your company or start-up.

Number 10: Guided Meditations

Recommendation: Alux.com/meditation

Being rich comes with a lot of stress and anxiety in your life. Your mind is constantly buzzing with worries and ideas, somehow you need to take control of them.

That’s where meditation comes in. 80% of successful individuals use a form of meditation in their lives and they attribute their success partially to it.

That’s why last year we decided to start developing a guided meditation course specifically designed with the Aluxer in mind, a premium meditation tool created for entrepreneurs, high achievers and for those who want to master their minds.

This resource will become available early 2019 and of course you will be one of the first to get access to it. It’s probably the most valuable things we’ve ever created here at Alux.

Number 11: Robinhood

Recommendation: Robinhood App

The Robinhood app is the future of stock trading and investing. All technology is doing these days is cutting out the middleman. You used to need a broker to buy apple, google, tesla, netflix or any other stock. Now, you just need an app.

Ohh.. how far we’ve come.

We remember back in the day when the stock market seemed so complicated and now with the likes of robin hood it’s all nicely packed down into an intuitive interface.

Number 12: Pomodoro Technique

Recommendation: Pomodoro Time Management Products

We’ve mentioned this in the past as a time management tool. It’s one of those things that improve productivity and help you stay focused on tasks at hand. Although most rich individuals do not carry around the tomato shaped time, they do batch their work into 25 minutes periods in order to get more done.

This has been proven to have a positive effect on productivity and if you’re bad at time management it could be exactly what you need.

The goal is simple, break down a task into 25 minute batches. Set the timer and for the next 25 minutes work only on the task at hand. Take 5 minutes break and then head into another 25 minute session of work.

This improves study, writing and puts some structure in your workload. Soon enough you’ll be thinking about everything in pomodoros.

Number 13: Vanguard

Recommendation: Vanguard.com

Vanguard has been a blessing into the lives of the rich and it’s been one of the primary tools that helped rich get richer in the past 40 years. Now, it’s been open to the public.

Vanguard is an investment platform, where you can invest in stocks, mutual funds, retirement and most importantly index funds.

For those of you unfamiliar with this, we recommended last week a book called Money: Master the game by Tony Robbins. We even gave away the audiobook when you signed up at alux.com/freebook

Vanguard has over 4.2 TRILLION dollars under management right now… that’s trillion with a T making it one of the biggest and most efficient investment funds in the world, that’s why the rich trust it so much.

Number 14: Nano Ledger & Hard storage

Recommendation: Ledger Nano S

If you’re into crypto, you’re probably familiar with nano and similar ledgers.

These are like a wallet for your crypto currencies. Although the markets have been dropping like crazy and fluctuating, crypto is here to stay. While the coins fluctuate, the sale of hardware wallets has been keeping up pace.

Unlike a bank account that has all your funds exposed to the government or a digital platform that can be shut down, hard storage gives you an extra layer of protection.

Number 15: Audiobooks

Recommendation: alux.com/freebook

You don’t realize how much information rich people consume on a daily basis. They try to gain as much value as possible, that’s why they use carefully their workouts & their travel time. With audiobook or podcasts you get to grow while doing monotonous tasks.

You can easily get through a book per week just by listening to an audiobook while on the treadmill in the morning. Flying to Asia, instead of watching a movie on those airplane screens listen to the story of one of your heroes on your noise cancelling headphones.

If you’re not rich yet, you might want to start by listening to audiobook while driving to and from work. That’s a lot of time you waste listening to music in your car. Instead, go to alux.com/freebook and sign up. You’ll get one audiobook for free thanks to our friends at audible and give it a shot. If you need a list of book you can check out our book recommendation videos we’ve done in the past and pick the one that fits to where you are in your life right now. Just do it, because it will change your life.

This wraps up our list of tools rich people us to improve their daily lives!