Favourite Dress of Oscars 2016 | Best Dress of Oscars

6 March 2016

9. Brie Larson in Gucci

9. brie-larson-best-actress-oscar
Source: hollywoodtake.com

And the Oscars for Best Actress in Leading Role goes to… Brie Larson in Room!

Although she shined in that movie, her dress didn’t really do the job. Brie Larson is young and vibrant, this Gucci dress does not say so about her. It should be more, considering that she started custom designing it since before Christmas.

The dress was still elegant on her. And she said what the dress is all about is what makes her comfortable. That’s all you need when you are worrying about whether they are going to call your name for the award!

The Niwaka jewels she was wearing were too simple. Her earrings should be more sparkling rather than just simple pearl earrings. Bigger and longer blue gem earrings would be perfect!

Regardless, congratulation on the Oscars and for making it to this list!

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